Chip compatibility matrix - Google Sheets

Great info, thanks, I will update the sheet and look forward to your next review :+1:

He comprado el m-lock motorcycle key pero no consigo hacerlo funcionar con el NExT, solo funciona con la versión vieja, igual que ha sucedido con la cerradura Samsung que solo funcionan con viejas versiones. lo comento para que no le pase a nadie más el mismo problema, actualiza el excel para que no de confusion a error.

The COMMAX CDL-100WL is Green for the NeXT but doesn’t have a Yes. Does the Next work with this lock?

Normally there should be a link to the product and then a note with another link to forum where it has been tested and confirmed.

Let me know if you can’t find it or it’s not there


@Pilgrimsmaster what sort of proof/evidence do I need to provide to propose a change to the matrix?
In my experience, the Gallagher T10 readers are not compatible with xM1 tags. We have them at my uni and despite everything I tried (Including the help of people on the discord) I was only ever able to get a read on one particular reader (out of about 16). I believe this is due to manufacturing variability in the position of the coil inside the reader.

I’ve recently gotten a FlexM1 installed (still have to post the install video for that), and this has never failed to give me a successful read.

I wonder if an annotation could be added to the matrix to say that the T10 is “compatible” with x-series implants but only in specific instances?

Yeah mate no worries, can you do me a favour first and use the diagnostic card on it ( if you havent already ) Gallagher are often dualfrequency.

This still wont be definative though, because I have scanned them myself and The HF and LF leds light up, but I KNOW it is only actually reading LF.

Do you have access to the admin people?
Is that something you can ask them? ( If they even know )

Have you scanned the Gallagher card with TagInfo etc. to check the HF card credentials?

The ones I have access to are only using HF, I’ve scanned them with the diagnostic card and the xFD indicators.

The student card is a Mifare classic 4k but only the first 16 sectors have any data on them, I’ve successfully cloned it to other magic 1k cards, and both an x-series and flex implant. I know the x-series was working because my university also uses Salto XS4 readers on some doors and the xM1 works great with those.

Things I’ve tried (and failed) on the Gallagher T10:

  • Scan xM1
  • Scan xM1 with xFD also in field (to rule out the xM1 not drawing enough power to initiate a read)
  • Scan xM1 with diagnostic card also in field (same as above)
  • Sniff with Proxmark3 easy (no dice)

I did manage to get a read on the T15’s that are scattered around campus, but the T10’s and the one singular T12 had no luck.

Here’s some videos I took for discord of my attempts:


Of course, the other (more simple) explanation is that I poo-brained the whole operation and missed some obvious detail…


Nah mate, I think you are on the money.
I am going to do some work on the matrix shortly, and I will update it.
Thanks for the info
I am just working on some 'puter problems.

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Anyone able to confirm if the Schlage S-480 works with any implant? It’s blank at the moment.

We got new fire doors put into all the apartments here and there are two locks. One of them is a secondary lock, which I was able to swap for my old eurocylinder HF lock, and one is a night latch which seems could be swapped out nice and easy with the Schlage.

Cheers, I’ll add that shortly…Any hardware other than payment terminals that I can YES ?
I’ll add purewrist / custom payment also

Infact, It might be better to make a Payment section and add the payment terminals, with links to the forum to the specific terminal and how to present them

Or I cad add a new Sheet…:thinking:

Yes: ACR122U
No: Uhlmann & Zacher CX2172, Becode AIR+, Yale Doorman V2N, any LF stuff :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks I’ll add 'em now

I decided on a Payment Sheet, I can move back to the main sheet, but i think it is better/easier having a dedicated place. But I will still add Walletmor / custom payment in the main sheet…
I have made a start on the layout ( Replicated the mainsheet ) I just need to collate the posts with readers etc

Anyway, heres the link, to the new sheet

Very groovy!

But a bit of a misnomer: it’s not so much a “chip compatibility” matrix than an “payment terminal easy of use” one: the chip should be compatible with all of them, but more or less easy to hit.

Also, it will be harder for people to supply photos / specs as it’s not easy to ask details from cashiers while purchasing something. I know because I try and I can’t unless I know the merchant and they’re not busy with other customers (and they’ll indulge my shenanigans).

Yeah, we will just do what we can, alternatively the make and model are generally written on them and “google” images should have the photos we want. and a bit of “photoshop” for antenna location and best presentation should be enough

Thanks Rosco, that’s exactly what I was hoping for, you saved me from trawlling…

Likewise, I have been conscious of us doing it, i’m going to move these posts shortly…

It’s not a complete derail, as he does intend to use a Walletmor for his home access project :slight_smile:

I have tried several Verifone H5000 and have to say, they dont work.

The reader is behind the display, but the reception seems too weak. Its also uncomfortable to try it, because the display is a little lowered and there isnt enough space to move your arm/hand.

Walletmor + Verifone H5000 = NO

The next reader works with the Walletmor.
Lane 5000 = YES

I bought today the ikea rothult, I wear a xSIID but I can’t do it works.
The ikea card is a TYP E1777, with proxmark3:

Could I copy or do something with my xSIID? NeXT?

It works with an xNT ( NExT ) as seen in this @Vicarious video.

I’m not sure if he has an xSIID or has tried it.

Do you have an i2c card to test it with?
Have you used your xFD to locate the antenna ( Vicarious mentions its location in the vide )

It was likely me who put the YES in the spreadsheet, I am not sure where I got that reference, but hopefully you can get it to work.

Is anybody else an owner of a Rothult and xSIID that could test this?


Since the Ikea lock is battery powered it might be that the xSIID requires too much power for the LED and the chip itself.