Chip Migration 3 weeks

I’m a prior EMT so I know a little bit lol… Find attached a marked photo of my hand. The line being my bone EDGE, circle being the current location, and the X being the approximate original spot… have I been blessed with a double implant positioning or should I get it adjusted while I still can… 3 weeks have passed

Since posting I tried to push it across at a level direction (like installer showed) maybe a tiny resettle…

Can you draw on the photo how the implant is laying under the skin?

Somewhere between parallel and 15ish degrees

You’re fine as long as it doesn’t cross the bone, cause pain or restrict range of motion

What are the chances of further migration in the future? Nobody knows kinda thing?

Typically things settle down after 4 weeks or so. Sometimes migration can occur again at a later time, usually due to nutrition or other health issues, or trauma breaking things loose.