Chip moving in hand

Hey i have my chip inplanted for 8 days now ane im taking pronatal vitamins and the chip keeps moving in my hand evers couple minutes when i look it moves and the rotating almost on its sides its weird and im not lifting heavy things doing special uneeded thing with my hand is this rlly normal ??? And every time i take the chip and try to move it to a comfortable positions my hand is blue like i would have hammerd my hand

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You could try the toothpick method to isolate it and keep it from moving maybe.

Also, if you want it to stop moving, I would not keep messing with it. At the end of the day, your body is gonna move it how it really wants.

Not sure why it would turn blue.

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Its now like the yellowish color and later it will be blue you know what i mean idk why this happens i dint do anything special wih my hand so :man_shrugging: And what is that toothpick method ??

Chip is likely swimming in blood and inflammatory fluids

More you mess with it more inflammatory response

Also moving it is likely ripping any connective tissue that’s been formed

Elevate, ice, and nsaids to help relieve inflammation will help


Blue ish sounds like bruising, if your pushing it around ect it will hurt and bruise.

The position its in now is fine just leave it alone, if your really concerned splint it with toothpicks like @Backpackingvet suggested


Kind of a splint for the implant, tooth picks or matchsticks

Can you guys show me a picture of your chip inplant hand so i can see how it is postioned

Somewhere in there is the perfect position.
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Neither location is perfect!

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One of mine moved sooo much (cause I kept poking at it like the idiot I sometimes am) and then I was too chicken to shove it back in place.

The blue lines is how they were injected and where they stayed for the first day or two, to compare with where they ended up.