Chip not working after operation

My friend got him self a payment chip by iamrobots:
(link only in German)

Now, a day after the operation the chip isnt responding to the register, or smartphone.
What can be the issue? Is the chip broken, or could it have a different reason?
The chip worked before the operation, but the piercer said that he did nothing wrong.
Can you guys help him?

Who did implant it?

You can’t scan the chip with your smartphone?

I heard of several broken payment chips from iamrobot.

I git my chip from @amal

The implant was done by nakedsteel in Berlin

The chip isn´t responding to the smartphone.

The chip worked before hand just fine.

@amal dosn´t have payment chips?
You would need a certain, hard to obtain, credti card before hand, to get a payment chip from, right?

I was not able to read or write my NeXT NFC side about a week after implantation in R0, but I had no issues ever since. Maybe it is caused by the healing process and will fix itself?

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Is that common? would could cause such disturbance?

The IAR “payment chips” are just converted vimpay mini cards… which you can get and send to me for conversion :slight_smile:

Another one bites the dust…

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I dont want to say another iar failure but I also don’t dont want to say it. Can we just appreciate that even in there pictures on the site there holding the flex with tweezers.

Ok now thats out of the way you say it was working fine before implant as in it was used to pay for goods and lit up? what does it do now? how bad is the swelling? did the installer use metal tools to handle the implant?

we need a bunch more info, also if its failed so soon why don’t you hit up IAR to complain / get a replacement?


i think i know why his shit is failing and it’s not the tweezers… not with the mounds of goopy silicone he’s using. i’d offer my thoughts on how to fix, but dude’s a stalker and i’d rather not help out the competition.


Well lah-dih-dah. So selfish! I’m almost disappointed :slight_smile:

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haha well… if you’re interested in my thoughts I can DM you :slight_smile:

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I would be, but I don’t think explaining these things to just one guy is a productive use of your time, and it’s not fair to others who would like to know too.

yeah ok…

me to myself:



It is without leds. the whole wound looks good so far, nothing unusal.
He did use special metal tools to handle the implant, i dont what kind, i wasn´t present during the operation

I am curious. Honest! But do you really think spilling the beans here publicly would help the competition all that much? I had the feeling there’s more to making viable implants than just knowing about one missing trick.


it’s a series of tricks :slight_smile: miss one, and you get failures.

if someone was really smashing it around with medical tools maybe it broke… i mean, he did advertise that you could like almost roll it up… i would never suggest that even if our poly was flexible like silicone… so maybe it just physically broke during installation… especially if it never worked… @fiercejo did it work at all after installation, or was it basically broken right away?

That is so deliciously worded.

It didn´t work at all after the installation, but we only got around to do one in store test so far


Try it in different stores.
It works fine , i tried it on the next day - in one store it doesn’t work - in other stores it worked.

This was my hand, one day after implantation - I went to a doctor - in Austria only a doctor can do it.

On day

Paying one day after implantation

How did they install it, enrico installed my flexpay1 too and it’s fine.
Did he do this bending thing to squeeze it in a small incision?

Holy shit a P1 with LEDs costs like $500 :0