Chip types supported by the blue cloner

I bought a blue cloner for no particular reason - or rather, I wanted to try it out for shits and giggle. Also, I needed a small additional purchase to quality for free shipping at the webshop I purchased it from, and the cloner was cheaper than the shipping :slight_smile:

First thing I did was try to read an Indala 224 bits. That didn’t work. Nice start… After presenting it a few tags I had lying around, I could only get it to read EMs of various kinds and a HID Prox.

Is there a list of chips that gadget can read?

Incidentally, 1970’s China just called and they want their product back. I haven’t seen a product built that cheaply in a long time. But hey… 11 euros. Can’t beat that!

the problem is that there are an unknown number of PCB configurations and firmware versions all tossed into that same blue case… some have different stickers on the face, but I’ve even opened up 3 of the exact same case and face sticker to see different PCBs… so there is no quantifiable answer to this question.

I will say that we are back in talks with our old vendor and we’re exploring ideas, including a custom antenna ideal for x-series. They may be back on the store sooner or later.


It reads HID? Does it beep 3 times when you turn it on? If so you got one of the better ones. (keeping in mind better is a relative term…)

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It does beep 3 times - or 6, or 9: there seems to be a bad connection in the power-on slider…

I see. Well, let’s say I wanted to play with it. I’m not sure I want to entrust the configuration of my xEMs to that thing…

haha, sounds about right. The “3 beep” ones read HID and are not nearly as common as the 2 beep ones that don’t read HID.

Ahem… Embarrassingly, I found the post-it-sized user manual of the blue cloner at the bottom of the cardboard box. I thought it was a registration card or a QC certificate, so I didn’t even look at it. It has this on the front “page”:

☐ Support EM4100
☒ Support EM4100/HID/AWID

And at the back, it says:

Supported blank tag: T5577, EM4305

The instructions read as follows (text in original Chingrish for accuracy’s sake :slight_smile:):

How to clone

  1. Push power switch on the right of device, it will beep two or three times, and LED is on mean it works, it not re-start please.
  2. Put the mother card near the antenna left of the device, and then press READ button, the device will beep and the LED is on when read successful, if beep 2 times go to step 3, if beep 3 times go to step 4, click READ again if it doesn’t beep.
  3. Change an new blank card as T5577/EM4305, then press the WRITE button, when beep and PASS LED is on mean clone successful, if it doesn’t beep and light please write again.
  4. Change a blank T5577, then press WRITE button, when beep and PASS LED is on mean clone successful, if it doesn’t beep and light please write again.
  5. Repeat step 3 or step 4 if you want to make more same ID card.
  6. Switch off for save power.

So it can write to a EM4305 if the source is an EM (2 beeps). Interesting - and possibly useful, as I have a EM4305 implant.

It’s worth mentioning that on my device, the PASS LED lights up right after a successful read, not just after a successful write.