Chips not reading through materials questions


I have a project where I made an electric lock on a vehicle for entry. And it opens with an RFID chip.

I cut a 2" (51mm) hole in the side of the metal wall of the vehicle and then put a 1/4" (6.35mm)
Piece of plastic cutting board on the inside for backing.

I then used epoxy to level the hole on the outside. It didn’t take much. Maybe 1/8" or 3mm thick.

The trouble I’m having is, my RFID wristbands open the door fine. But neither my xMagic nor NExT will open it from the outside.
They both open it fine from the inside, putting them right on the coil antenna.

So, does anyone have ideas about whether it might be the epoxy or the plastic cutting board that’s causing the interference?

I’m using the LF xemv2 type for the opener.

I’d guess the epoxy, but I’m not sure. It doesn’t say what it’s made of that I can see.

I’ll post a pic of it. It’s por 15.

Appreciate any feedback.

I can test, but it’s definitely not a good time for the testing.


I think it’s actually the distance they create.

If possible, relocate the antenna, just behind the outer (epoxy) layer.

You could of course do a bench test first, but im pretty confident that is the issue.

You could also mount a @Hamspiced antenna amplifier over the antenna before adding the epoxy, this should increase your range significantly.

Watch his youtube video to see how it works

Here’s my review

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Much thanks!

I’ll definitely Dremel down the board and see if I can get the antenna closer.

And the booster from hamspiced looks amazing.
I think it’s above my skill level though at the moment to create.
Wonder if I can buy a couple of LF ones somewhere…

Thank you!

The completed one is HF and there’s no LF available to purchase premade correct?
@Hamspiced ??

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Correct. I have a couple LF ones that are mounted in a testing rig, but they work just as well with the adapter. They are just a bit more particular to tune and ensure you have the right capacitence. Which is why I’m not currently offering them. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze for me.


Good to know.

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated!

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