Choosing a new system

Hi all,

My employer is moving and we need a new access control system. My boss told me he wants a system with the possibility to use chip-implants.

Firstly I contacted our usual access control guy and let him make an offer for a system.
He made an offer for this system: ISEO with Mifare cards/keyfobs.
Anybody know if this system is compatible with one of the x-series transponders?

Or, do you guys know a system that has badge-readers, smart bolts & door fittings and works with implantable chips?

We have aprox 10 people who will use chip implants, aprox 70 will use normal keyfobs.

Gr, JI

Sounds interesting! It’s not possible to know for sure what the compatibility would be from just the company name or the use of the term “mifare”… there are many factors.

I’d be willing to consult on this project and offer a discount to the company for their initial order. I will PM you with details.