Choosing the right implant

Hi all,

I’m about to get my first implant and am quite overwhelmed form all the available options.

I’m looking to program the chip to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Interact with IoT systems such as locks and doors
  • Getting data from NFC enable smartphones (contact, task actions etc.)
  • Make payments

Would the DESFire EV2 be the most suitable?

Thank you.

I think your best bet here is the xNT Its generally the best for the most use cases.
if your work uses a low frequency reader, find out what kind of chips it accepts and if the xEM can emulate a compatible one.
if you want both the NExT chip has both in one implant.
edit: payment is a while away, you have to coordinate with your bank about what kind of chips they use in their cards.

Thanks for the reply, my office uses the the MIFARE DESFire (MF3ICD40) chip. I’m not overly fussed about payments. The only reason I looked at the desfire ev2 was because of it’s security (and also my public transport card uses the desfire ev2). What would be the differences between the nXT and the desfire ev2?

Theyre just totally different chips.
the desfire ev2 is awesome. If you can coordinate with the people to get the xDF2 implant working then its good idea.

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Oh okay, awesome. So the desfire ev2 is backwards compatible with the entire desfire lineup?

The NExT is the best option for general applications. The xDF2 is a DESFire EV2, which is backward compatible with the EV1 and original DESFire chip… but there are caveats.

The biggest issue advantage of the EV2 is that you can have applications set up on the chip that do not require giving up the master keys to set those applications up. The down side is that almost no systems are designed to share the chip with other applications not managed in some way by the system you want to use it with. For example, there is no way most transit systems that use DESFire to allow their payment application be set up alongside other applications already on the chip. The world is just not set up to take full advantage of the technical capabilities these chips have… which is why the Fidesmo approach was so interesting to us and why we partnered with them for the VivoKey Flex One.