Clarification about cloning iCLASS / PicoPass card

I have a card that I would like to clone using my pm3. I need to create a duplicate, but it does not need to be an implant or anything, a card or tag is fine. This is the result of running the auto command.


I am looking at the CheatSheet and I am wondering what these “keys” are. Are there different keys for different cards? Do I have to determine these keys before being able to duplicate the card?

I am also wondering where I can buy compatible cards or tags. Someone recommended these but they appear to be out of stock. Can someone help me understand the process for cloning iCLASS / PicoPass cards? Based on the information in the information above, what are the odds that I can be successful in cloning the card? And is there another good place to get the cards or tags that I need?

assuming that your card is legacy, as opposed to se/elite, it’s very possible.

There are a million and one posts on here spelling out the cloning process in quite a bit of detail. A little digging will answer most of the common questions. The more technical stuff is why the rest of us are here :wink:

Thanks for your response! Is there a way for me to check if my card is legacy, as opposed to se/elite?

doing a dump would be the route I’d take. It’ll give you a lot more info that you have as of yet.

If you search “IClass” on this forum, it’ll bring up a lot of goodies with a lot of information that’ll get you where you want to be.