Clarification on implant layer for xNT/xEM

Hey folks, apologies if this has been answered in previous threads, but unfortunately I’m a comp graphics student, not a biology student :stuck_out_tongue:

So, the common way of describing the implant location for these tags is between the first and second metacarpals, parallel to the second, and in the fascia layer. That’s where I’m a little confused.

Here’s a typical skin diagram. When people refer to the “fascia layer”, do they mean the space between the dermis and the superficial fascia, or between the dermis and the deep fascia? I know this isn’t hugely important to the practical process of implanting, but I’m just a bit curious to know beforehand.



Yes, any deeper and reads start to get harder and is more risk of damage.

Interesting, thanks - is that risk to the tissue, or risk to the implant? And how likely is penetrating the superficial fascia? I’ve heard some people talk about a noticable point where they went “oh, that hurts” and backed out a bit - is that true or false?

I’ve done one self implant and had another done by a piercer both where painless minus the initial “scrach” so couldn’t tell you on that.

The idea is it sits below the skin above the fascia this allows the implant to be ‘isolated’ from bone and muscle and provides protection from both internal and external factors.

The likelihood of punching through depends on alot of things including experience and technique if you research and follow the great guides fro DT its unlikely.

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How was your experience with self-implanting? I’m planning to have a friend helping me with tenting the skin, but apart from that it’ll likely be all me.

Easy, now I did it around 7 years ago in my bedroom at my parents (haddent moved out yet) I used a clothes peg dipped in 90% alchol to steriliize and some more to clean the skin.

The trick for me was I couldn’t push it in to begin with the only thing I can say about that was it was almost a subconscious mental block. It was like my body didnt want to injure its self but once that was passed was quick and easy.

Basically either works… but the latter is preferred simply because the deep retinacula cutis fibers tend to lack exposed nociceptors (for pain) and tend to encapsulate the implant pretty well. Of course it’s very difficult to determine this while placing the needle, so either is fine. As mentioned, depth also increases the distance any reader antenna coil will have between it and the implant, making getting reads with certain devices more difficult… but speaking from a biology perspective, between the superficial and deep facial membrane is preferred.


Currently sitting here minutes after my double self implant.


It wasn’t that bad to be honest, just felt a little woozy on the first one, went smoothly all things considered :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the club :syringe: :kiwi_fruit:

Take it easy, drink fluids and rest a bit.

Blood pressure probably dropped making you light headed as your body’s just screaming “What the hell did you just do to me?!”


Correct, definitely had that “what the fuck am I doing” brand of lightheadedness :stuck_out_tongue:
About three hours later and I’m feeling fine and have terrified a few friends with it :slight_smile:


:syringe: How long should I wait before removing plasters? I have to keep changing them since they don’t really stick to my palms…

It’s different for everyone. I had no blood but put the plaster anyway because I had it.

If the pasters are coming off because you are still sweating, just make sure the area is dry and try to put another plaster on it, a day will do really.

If there is no blood, honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Just make you don’t hit it off anything and cause additional trauma. :ok_hand:

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Yeah, beyond an initial speck on my right and a small blob on my left (nicked a vein very slightly probably, judging by a small bruise), there was basically nothing and it seems to have sealed the incision already. Might leave it another hour or two.

Keep a eye on that bruise, if it it gets worse or if you suspect bleeding internally I’d go see a dr


that was my immediate thought…
I figured it was the plaster being wrapped from top of hand through thenar gap and tried to stick on the palm…
I hope

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Yeah, the actual pad is on the top of my hand, its just that the adhesive end is on my palms :stuck_out_tongue:
I ended up taking them off and it’s been fine so far, so shrug