Clone lf fob to NExT implant

Gold Coast/Brisbane Australia.
Hi all.
Newby here.
Looking at getting a NExT implant to access entry in apartment building.
I’m looking someone close by who can clone the fob for me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated please.

I think @fraggersparks is in your neck of the woods

Thank heaps Compgeek.
I’ll see if he can help.

Did you consider this service?

Thank you but I need to use my fob do can’t send it away

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it says its out of stock, do they still offer this?

Oh damn, sorry, missed that. Amal is probably busy with all the custom implants made rn…
In that case, you should probably find someone with a proxmark or give a cloner a try.

I’ve tried cloners. Next step i guess is to buy a proxmark

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First, you will need to figure out if your card is 125khz or 13.56mhz, and what tag it uses.

If you have an Android phone, install NXP TagInfo and try scanning your card with your phone.

If it doesn’t read at all and you’ve tried every position, then it is likely 125khz. That can be cloned to NExT.

Dangerous Things has a service to clone 125khz chips which someone else mentioned, but you said you needed your card in the meantime.

You can get a ProxMark 3, you can get on Amazon, eBay, or Aliexpress for $50 as the cheapest.

You can also get a Chinese “Blue Cloner” like this and that will work. However, they are not recommended because they will set a password on the tag you write on. While users on this forum have found the password, there are some with different firmware that may set a different password.

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@amal will be best to answer that, hopefully he sees this, otherwise you could try the orange floaty help button on the DT webpage

Right now the cloning thing is more of a pain than we thought it would be and it’s just not something I’m doing at the moment… better to jump in with a proxmark3 and get your clone on that way. Were also exploring bringing back blue cloners with more than just EM and HID support… working through potential issues with firmware and NRE first though.



iirc previously, blue cloners were sold on the DT store.

There’s many for sale on eBay, Aliexpress, Wish, etc. Are they all made by the same Chinese company and sold to various distributors, or are they shared designs and diagrams being made by different companies?

And, are you trying to work with one of the manufacturers for making cloners with support with certain other chips?

the blue case is made by one company and used by many… and it seems the PCB inside is made by a few different companies with different tuning caps and antenna inductances and also different firmwares… we are trying to dig to the bottom of the pile to find an actual manufacturer not just a reseller… but it’s sorta like trying to dig in sand… it just keeps collapsing in on itself. What I’ve learned is that manufacturing in China is like a putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle with 10 other people who bring their own pieces and trade pieces with the puzzle pile and with each other. Finding who actually makes a particular product is kinda not possible because everyone is just swapping parts around… and between part makers and knock off part makers and part traders and part duplicators … it’s very difficult to nail down exactly what’s going on and where things are coming from … back to the sand analogy… like dunes in the desert, there are many mirages, everything is fluid, and anything can change at any time. On one hand it’s kind of exciting if you’re there in the thick of it… you can pretty much get anything you want done for a one-off or a small batch or an entire production run… but that’s it… the next time you try to get the same thing done, things will have changed and your once exciting adventure cobbling together some new thing is now an arduous, tedious grind to replicate… so it’s absolutely maddening trying to coordinate a solid supply chain from abroad that is stable and reliable and repeatable.