Clone Paradox Fob

Hi Folks,
I am new to Proxmark3. I would like to clone Fob Paradox.
the lf search result is :
if it finds something that looks like a tag
False Positives ARE possible

Checking for known tags:

Paradox TAG ID: 00000000 (Full ID: 000000000) - FC: 2 - Card: 023263- Checksum: 50 - RAW: 0f5545ew45ew45ew54ew54a

Valid Paradox ID Found!

Valid T55xx Chip Found
Try lf t55xx … commands

How I can clone it ?

Hmmm, is that a powered fob? ( does it have a battery and button etc )

Google image search suggests, that it may be, but there are “normal” looking fobs also

Can you post a picture of

Whole setup - The fob on the Proxmark on the bench…

have you tried something like

lf paradox reader

Cant confirm as I dont have a PM3 with me

mayb try

lf para and post the results

I just want to confirm a few things

There may be a bit of egg sucking, but I don’t know what you know, and equally important, what you don’t know…

this is the PIC for Fob

good start, we are on track

Just a couple of other things

What implant are you hoping to write to?

If NExT or xEM, have you tried your LF xFD on the readers?

Did you manage to get the xFD to illuminate?

Thanks for your help
I want to write on : Valid EM4x05/EM4x69 Chip Found

Any Help Please

I don’t have any Paradox tags to do the testing myself

but you got sooooooo close to the answer yourself…

Give a man a fish vs. Teach a man to fish

A good thing about the Proxmark3 is, it will prompt you and give you options

For example, to find out what commands I have available to me using a Paradox, I just typed in

lf para
this is the return

help             This help
demod            demodulate a Paradox FSK tag from the GraphBuffer
reader           attempt to read and extract tag data
clone            clone paradox tag
sim              simulate paradox tag

so to read, the command is

lf para reader

Paradox TAG ID: 00000000 (Full ID: 000000000) - FC: 2 - Card: 023263- Checksum: 50 - RAW: 0f5545ew45ew45ew54ew54a

to clone

lf para clone

this is the return ( because I didn’t know the syntax, it “tells” me how to input the command ) it gives examples

lf paradox clone --raw 0f55555695596a6a9999a59a              -> encode for T55x7 tag
    lf paradox clone --raw 0f55555695596a6a9999a59a --q5         -> encode for Q5/T5555 tag
    lf paradox clone --raw 0f55555695596a6a9999a59a --em         -> encode for EM4305/4469

therefore, if you want


lf paradox clone --raw 0f5545ew45ew45ew54ew54a --em

I’m pretty sure this WOULD work EXCEPT, your HEX string is only 23 characters - it should be 24

extra hint:
You can ctrl + c to copy, BUT to paste, you simply need to right click at the command prompt

I hope this works for you, and I hope I haven’t put you crook

good luck, let us all know how you go

Thanks you so much for your Help
the issue is I don’t know the option after lf para clone because it is not showing in Help
I will test and I will let you know

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There’s your easiest answer there, it’s a T5577!

Using the T5577 commands you can just read the data pages directly, and write that config to another T5577. No paradox special stuff required, the digital version of just shoving it in a photocopier!

@Pilgrimsmaster ’s approach is the ‘more correct’ one, but if it gives you any trouble I’d just change what card you’re writing to a T5577 and get the job done!

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cough cough could be T5555 cough cough

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I am really sorry for Delay!
I already ordered T55XX Tag but I still can’t clone Paradox to t55xx I feel, I miss something.
Sorry guys I am still new to Proxmark3

thanks Guys!
I really appreciate your help it is working now.
I used T55xx Card to write and i used this command
lf paradox clone “Full ID”

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