Clone "Viking" access card to magic ring / T5577 chip

Hello all,

I am trying to clone my access card to another card and then the magic ring if possible. So far I am struggling but I have attempted the following commands with the proxmark3:

lf search
[+] Chipset detection: T55xx [?] Hint: try lf t55xx commands

lf t55xx detect
Could not detect modulation automatically. Try setting it manually with 'lf t55xx config'

I am unsure of the correct config settings so I am not sure what I need to change them to. However this is what they look like currently.

Additionally I tried the command lf viking reader. Which seems to do nothing. Just waits a second then continues to the next line.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: I have just realised it might not be a viking card but have no way to identify the type currently, the brand is FDI though if that provides any help.

What chip were these commands run against? The ring? A target card? Or your source card?

Assuming it was your source card, what are the full results from LF search?