Cloning a Mifare clasic 1k chip to my implant

I have a NexT implant, and if possible I would like to clone a mifare classic 1k chip to it. I have successfully used my implant to clone lf chips (mainly a hid prox that is used for access control), but would also love to clone a 1k chip. Using a proxmark 3 I was able to break the “encryption” on the card I would like to clone, and was even able to emulate it (holding the proxmark up to the reader unlocked the door). I am however unable to figure out how to clone it to my implant. I tried the cload command, but I get the error “Can’t set magic card block: 0”.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately the NExT does not support mifare 1K. There is a seperate implant for that. Have a look at the xM1.