Cloning fdxb to xEM

Trying to clone animal tag # to xEM
lf fdx clone -c 840 -n XXXXXXXXXXXX
goes through all the motions as it should
when I read the xEM with my chip reader it reads:

-n XXXXXXXXXXXX looks like too many X … 840 is the “c” code and there should only be a few more digits for the -n section…

also… it’s possible you are not actually writing anything… or at least not successfully. The write process just spews bits into the ether… there is no validation done…

Check this video at 12:25 about that…

My point here is that you might not be properly coupling to the chip to complete a successful write. Doing so with a proxmark3 on an implant can be a challenge because you have to hold it while trying to press enter on the keyboard. To help with that, you can add a delay to the command!