Cloning Garage Remotes

How do people clone garage remotes? I know how to clone low-frequency fobs and even some hf such as the iclass non se and mifare 1k but when I search up how to clone garage remotes, all videos on YT online point towards buying a blank cloneable remote and systematically pressing keys on the original remote to copy it.

However, I am interested in learning how to clone them using my proxmark3.

I apologize if this question is too stupid or broad to answer but I just bought the proxmark3 and am a complete noob. I just want a gentle push in the right direction. Maybe some guides articles or videos?

Most garage door openers are not RFID, so the PM3 won’t be able to interact with them

The easiest and most recommended way to “clone” a garage door opener is to buy a new universal one and enroll that with the opener, this prevents you from mucking up any rolling codes used by the original openers

If you have something like a flipper zero, you could play around with it a little more there most likely

If you feel like sharing more about your garage door opener in particular, we might be able to help a bit more specifically


So, I don’t have a particular type of garage remote I want to learn how to duplicate. I just see a lot of people offering paid garage remote cloning of various remotes, some of which even use rolling codes. I want to know how they do it because I want to be able to do it as well.

Where can I start learning at ground zero?

almost always, what they’re actually doing is simply enrolling another garage remote into the garage door opener as a separate remote. actually cloning a garage door opener remote hasn’t been a thing for a while because of rolling codes and other security measures. of course there are still legacy systems out there that have simple remote protocols and you can definitely clone those, but enrolling is equally effective for both types of remotes so I don’t see there being much purpose to engineering a remote that can clone a different remote.

I see… but what those who offer remote cloning services for condo/building garage/parking remotes such as this one? Im sure they cant access the opener and program another one to the system.

I’m not sure to be honest but the photo you sent says its an OEM doorking remote… so it’s original equipment from the garage door opener manufacturer… it doesn’t seem to be anything specific or special. perhaps the doorking opener has a built in process for enrollment that just involves using another already enrolled remote?

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The Italian brand Nice offers something like that. I think that you can put the two remotes back to back and press a series of buttons, the new remote should get enrolled the first time that you use it.

I suspect that they use NFC for that but I’m not entirely sure. They even have a programming pad for managing larger installations.