Cloning Gproxii Guardall Card

Hey , I have been using my proxmark 3 since august and have been having great success cloning key fobs / cards as a side hustle, however I’ve been stuck on one persons key card. Its a guardall gproxii card and I have used the recommended commands in pm3 to clone this card to my t55xx fobs . After I clone it shows done and verified when I search for the card after it comes up as Valid Guardall G-Prox II ID with correct fmt / fc / cn but the raw number is different even after attempting it a few times the raw number isnt identical. I gave him the clones anyway to see if they’d work and he said they dont. Any help regarding this would be great , ill post the commands im using below.

lf search

G-Prox-II - len: 36 FC: 20 Card: 716988, Raw: fbc836a56f13c86021c163da

lf gproxii clone --fmt 36 --fc 20 --cn 716988

Data written and verified

lf gproxii reader

G-Prox-II - len: 36 FC: 20 Card: 716988, Raw: f98c67b8c6318cf10588718e

dm me i’ll fix it for ya

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ok check your discord

Hi there I’m running into the same issue what was the fix for this?

are you the guy i helped o discord

Hey all, having the same issue. Is there something general I can try to resolve? Would be good to get some troubleshooting steps on the thread here so we don’t have to bother Equipter each time :joy:

add me on discord: equip

(i should really just formalise this into a tut lmao)

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