Cloning HID iClass DP

Quite aware that this thing aged a little but hoping that it’s wine, not milk :slight_smile:
My question is very similar as original, i.e. is it possible to copy HID iClass DP card onto ring NTAG216 chip?
I don’t have a proxmark3 but able to read and successfully emulate the card of interest with Flipper Zero (PicoPass app).
Does it mean this card could be iClass “legacy” type and emulating the initial sectors/card no (like by “magic” cards) is not necessary for it to work (or security/logic is set up this way, so it’s not validated…)?

These are incompatible technologies, you would need an iClass ring, which I’m not even sure exists

And, provided you can find a blank not every iClass credential is easily clonable

That said, this:

Sounds promising to me, but I’m still new to iClass

Depending on the reader and configuration, you may be able to get away with a different ring though, does anything happen if you scan your card with the RFID app on the flipper?

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So it’s alive :slight_smile:
No reaction when using RFID app (just circling ASK/PSK). I suppose it’s like “single mode” type, only HF

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