Cloning HID iClass DP

Hello. I am Nylex a new user to Dangerous things products. I had a important question I wanted to designate with someone who has more experience in this field then I do. I understand these types of electronic communication can be difficult, however I want to be able to clone an HID iClass DP card (NFC). I did some googling and found out that the HID iClass DP frequency is 13.56 for read/write. However I also found out that the iClass DP card has encrypted data transfer with 64 bit diversified keys. My specific card does not have a magnetic strip so no worrying about that. Anyways I want to be able to clone my card. However with the restrictions I stated earlier, will I still be able to clone my card, with the restrictions and be able to clone without spending a bank. Or buying the wrong equipment. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a wonderful day. Also if I am able to clone my card suggestions for equipment to buy is again greatly greatly appreciated.

No problems, and you have come to the right place…

UNFORTUNATELY for you they are out of stock at the moment,

But here is the link

Hopefully somebody will be able to update a timeline of new FlexClass stock

Have a read through all of that and comeback with any questions.


Another question. I have a keen interest in using the RFID & NFC ring, I was hoping I can clone the iClass DP to the RFID on the ring. Is that possible by any chance, and is there way to make it happen. Just curios to know if I can use the ring without the implant. However both options are greatly appreciated.

@Pilgrimsmaster yea so is there a way to clone my iClass DP card to the RFID NFC ring? Is it possible?



If you dont mind me asking why? I would just like to be informed why if you dont mind. Thank you and have a good day.

the dual frequency rings have a 125khz T5577 chip you can clone IDs to but the 13.56MHz chip is an NTAG chip and you can’t change the ID of that chip.

Got it thank you makes sense now. Have a good one.

Haha sorry, yeah different chips like amal said :slight_smile:

So I know this sounds stupid and outrageous but would it be worth it to buy the flexClass chip, clone it, and then put that in a ring. Does that make sense or worth it?

Nothing sounds stupid to us, We are always looking for ways to adapt things to work the way we want.

  • Amal has had rings made before
  • @leumas95 has sourced the “Magic” HID chips

So it totally sounds plausable to put those two things together

I can’t answer that for you, it would depend on how much time , money and effort you were willing to invest in it.

Is the Flex implant a consideration for you?
or are you just considering a ring because the FlexClass is “out of stock” presently?

It is, I mean if I could put it into a ring and be able to clone/write successfully then I am willing to invest my time and money into this. Especially since I have a keen interest in bio-engineering if you will.

And I was also thinking I could 3D print the ring to my needs. Color, sanding, filling, however I am not to sure yet. I am still learning and configuring what I can do with my iClass DP NFC 13.56 Card.

Sorry, I couldn’t 100% work out from your answer if you meant if you could get a flexClass you would.

If so then i’m pretty sure we can get you an ETA on new stock which will save you the time involved in coming up with your own solution.

i thing you might be better off making your own ring with the card you have if you follow something like this… the flexClass antenna will not do well wrapped back on itself, so unless you have like a size 15+ finger, it’s probably not going to be a good idea to try to make that flexClass do yoga… just from a signal and performance perspective.

if you can get a wire antenna and chip out of that existing card, you might have luck doing something like this;

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I saw Amal typing, so I stopped, I thought he was coming in with an ETA for new flexClass stock.

Here’s what I had for you

Otherwise It sounds to me like you have found yourself a project

We actually have a #projects category where you can share your project when you are finished.

It would be a relatively “easy” project once you have lined up a few things.
If you wanted a point in the right direction, check out under the blur
This is what I would do

contact @leumas95 about sourcing the “Magic” HID chip
and checking out this Thingiverse product

RFID NFC Tap and Go Credit Card Payment Resin Ring by PockyBum522 - Thingiverse

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Personally, I am waiting for the 16kB flexClass

Smart good to know. Again thank you and have a good one.

I also could make a bracelet instead of a ring but tbh I am still thinking and this idea is still again a v1 phase and I still thinking of alternatives.

I think your best bet from here is to source a “magic” HID and learn how to use it…
Obviously this guide would be your best starting point