Cloning HID Proxkey II --> 5577 card --> HID Proxkey II?

I purchased a Proxmark3 EASY kit a couple of weeks back, my first attempt at using it was very successful, I cloned a HID Proxkey II keyfob to the blank ID-5577 card that came with the PM3.

I ordered 10 HID proxkey II from ebay and wanted to try and clone the ID-5577 onto one of them, essentially duplicating the original Proxkey II (which I do not have access to at this time, though I can get it without a problem).

I have tried various commands to clone the 5577 onto one of the proxkey II devices, and the commands appear to be successful, but when I do an LF search command it appears to be unaltered from its original state before my attempt to clone to it.

Is what I’m trying possible? Or should I just get the original proxkey ii fob and try and clone from it?

you cannot clone onto a HID prox. they’re read only

you need t5577 or em4305

Thank you, I thought that was going to be the case. As such, I started a tear down / gutting of a HID proxkey II that I have. Attached are pictures. I have a xEM RFID Chip on order to put into the gutted pocket that I’ll fill with hot glue and reseal the two halves of the proxkey with a bead of super glue.