Cloning hotel keys with RFID/NFC?

I tried to see if I could clone my hotel key onto my implant. I figured out that I couldn’t, and I think I figured out why. I was wondering if anybody else had better luck than me? This was a Hilton hotel.

I ended up getting several keys that could open my room. There were only two fields that looked similar.

  1. There was a 37-byte field that was set to all ASCII 0’s (not hex 0x00, but hex 0x30, which is ASCII 0). I think this was an optional field that could potentially be used, but it seemed blank.

  2. There was a unique ID on the key. I’m pretty sure that it was using the UID to unlock the door. My guess is that at the frontdesk, they wouldn’t WRITE anything from the key, but they would READ the UID. Then they would assign that UID to the system as the number that could unlock my door.

Has anybody else had a different experience with trying to clone a hotel room key?

Did you confirm what kind of tag was in the card?

Typically that’s the way keys are provisioned into the system (for those systems that only use the UID for access)… the card has a fixed UID and the system is told “this UID can access those doors”… So either you clone the card with an already provisioned UID to another tag, or you provision your own tag into the system.

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I believe @turbo2ltr is correct in that it’s most likely using the UID , so cloning possabilities are going to be dictated by the type of implant you have and the type of card being used by the hotel. If they’re using a Mifare Classic type, you should be able to clone the UID to a xm1+ implant.