Cloning indala to NExT

Hi! I’m new to all this, I’m sorry if this is very basic. I just got my NExT chip implanted, and I am trying to clone an indala card to it. I got the Proxmark3 setup, and I have been able to read specific cards just fine, but when it comes to cloning I am struggling. It gives me the Raw number: what are I supposed to do with that? At that point, I think I am supposed to put my hand up to the reader, lf indala clone, I enter the raw number, and it says done. Then there is the hint that says, “try lf indala reader to verify”

Can someone please guide me through the steps to clone an indala card specifically? I’ve been watching the cloning common 125kHZ chipsto the T5577 video, but I’m still not able to figure it out.

You were correct
BUT I would suggest, before you go any further, Grab the T5577 test card that your PM3 should have come with, and do a practice write on that

Depending on your RAW output, something like this ( USE YOUR RAW NUMBER ) should do it

    lf indala clone -r a0000000a0002021
    lf indala clone -r 80000001b23523a6c2e31eba3cbee4afb3c6ad1fcf649393928c14e5

Then do a
lf indala reader


lf search

to verify

If your result has a facility code or card number you may need to do one of the following

lf indala clone --fc 123 --cn 1337               -> use standard 26b format

lf indala clone --fc 123 --cn 1337 --4041x       -> use 4041x format

If you are happy to share your lf search results, we (somebody here) should be able to help with the exact commands you need

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I’ve had luck both ways with the EM4305 chip in my work badge clone with the pm3. the --raw was what I tried first, and what I usually stick to.

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