Cloning mifare classic 4k to xMagic

Any help here?

I see some info about CBD commands, but i dont know anything about it really

You are trying to squeese 4k of data into 1k
Best case scenario, The system reading it is only checking the (N)UID and possibly something within the first 1k. ( 15 Sectors )

I think the best tool to use is MCT

Read and save each dump

Then in “Tools” use the Diff Tool ( Compare dumps )

Tick the “Hide identical sectors” option

Share the results

everything after sector 4 or 5, is just factory. So i was thinking it might work after all, but this block 0 thing i cant figure out. Do MCT deal with the encrypted part too? Its got 3 or 4 keys encrypted. Thats why i used proxmark on it.

Yea, so this wouldn’t work I guess…