Cloning Mifare Classic in Kali


I tested to clone a mifare classic in Kali with mfoc. Succed to create a dump after using additonal keys.
But then I try to write that dump to a chip I struggle no mather what I do.

sudo nfc-mfclassic W a orginal.mfd chip.mfd is my best try…
Tested W/w A/a B/b f/(no f) mfd/dmp but cant get it to work…

Checked several guides but I really cant get it.

Anyone hear who can help?

There is ONE man for this job…



I’ve also sent him a message, but early hours of the morning where he is!


What hardware are you using @joelwedberg to read/write to the chip with?


Ah my bad…

Its the ACR122U-A9

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Sorry for such a slow response @joelwedberg it’s been just fucking weird with this pandemic lately. Priorities had to switch up.
1st have you tried MTools on your Android? It’s pretty user friendly.

Here is a simple guide using ANY Linux distro and the ACR122U

If you still run into issues we can run debug while you issue commands and see what’s wrong.