Cloning Mifare With Limited Tools

Hello yall. I am on a trip across Europe currently. The hostels I am staying in frequently use rfid cards for room access. I just got to a new one and when I scan the card with NFC Tools Pro it says this:

Tag Type - NXP - Mifare Ultralight (Ultralight)

Technologies available - NfcA, MifareUltralight, NdefFormatable

Serial Number - 04:2F:BA:DA:FB:71:80

ATQA - 0x0044

SAK - 0x00

I would use taginfo but it isn’t exporting the data right and I don’t have time to type it all. Only thing that is shown on taginfo but not NFC Tools Pro is a section called memory content but it is all starred anyways.

All I have with me are my magic rings and my android phone with Taginfo, and NFC Tools Pro. Is there a way to use my phone to write the serial number of the card to my magic ring and see if that works? There is a section in NFC Tools Pro for advanced commands but I don’t want to mess anything up. I am only here for a couple days so I won’t really have time for a back and forth so if anybody can provide an answer that covers multiple different things to try it would be greatly appreciated. From what I understand mifare ultralight is pretty secure but I am hoping this hostel just reads the serial number of the card and I can clone that. So to recap I have NO access to a laptop, pm3, or any designated scanner. I DO have access to an android phone with Taginfo, and NFC Tools Pro as well as 2 magic rings. Any information would be greatly appreciated. And if it is possible to even rewrite the serial number on the magic rings and how to do so with tools at my disposal would be greatly appreciated but even more so.

Thanks yall.

It’s probably not possible to clone it with what you have. Ultralight is similar to the ntag family of chips, but we don’t have an ntag / ultralight that has a changeable UID.

Ok. Thanks. Hopefully I come across a hostel with poor security like at my workplace