Cloning my Visas (x2) and workplase rfid? Tag as impants. Isi this possible?

Thats my workplace fob.

And another pic is a details from my cc. They were the same both.

So. What to order from your shop - 3 different chips, but whitch ones? Do I need a cloning devices or should android be enought? How about expired cc - can I chip to be decoded again?

Thank you, looging forward to let my tattoo/piercing artist to tell him about this. :slight_smile: I just holding my orderbutton for now :slight_smile:

You can’t clone credit cards. Period.

Your other fobs, you will need to do some research to figure out what kind they are before you know what to order. If you have an android phone, download “Tag Info” from NXP and try to scan your fobs…see if any read.

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