Cloning NFC tags

It’s entirely possible that the system is only authenticating with the chips based on UIDs, which would mean you could get away with using something like these cards:

and your phone to clone enough of the tag to spoof the system

But without knowing more about it, the only ways to clone the tags with a near-0 chance of the system detecting it, is to emulate it with a specialty device or using an actual emulator card such as:

which are the same price as the first cards, except they also take one of those specialty devices to program

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If i were you id probably buy a flipper, save the tags and then emulate them.

on the other hand if i was your boss id likely fire you for circumventing your job responsibilities.

if i had three hands id probably look really funny


If it’s uid only then a chameleon mini off ali express for £20 should do the trick.

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Can the chameleons do non mifare classic cards?

With a bit of tweaking via desktop gui, chameleon mini upgraded to iceman rebooted can cover ntag and ultralight cards, and should also be able to use 7 byte uids. Chameleon ultra can emulate ntag 216 s well as a whole host of other flavours.

Source link for instructions reflashing chameleon mini rev e from vanilla to iceman rebooted fork