Cloning NFC tags


So recently we have had tags around the building I work for, so I have to patrol every hour and scan those tags on a mobile phone to complete a quick survey. This technique mainly used to prove my presence.

My question is would I be able to clone these original tags to new tags which I am gonna purchase so I can scan them without going around the building to scan each one of them?

I am not very techie and I would like ur input if I cloned the tag would the one who sees the report notice anything?

Here are some details about the tag, i will blur some of it.

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If it’s using the UID, there aren’t any super easy tags you could get to clone these to

If you use the “read memory” option on NFC Tools, or something like NXP’s TagInfo, you might be able to find other data used for this which might be clonable to another tag

Or you could get a tool to emulate the tags one at a time without cloning them to new tags at all

Lastly, this sounds like a bad a idea to me and you should probably just continue to make your rounds like your job wants

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Aox has covered all you’d need to know here.

something worth a mention is that those tags will have been placed with your distances & timings in mind. if you plan on cloning them to a bunch of tags you can scan while sat down you will likely mess up timings and get caught. this could also count as you actively working against the security of the facility and land you in further trouble.

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I think I am able to clone it to another tag, however would the info and signal be any different than the original one? That what I am worried about.

I do understand this is not ethical, however I am in the middle of the site, so this whole walk around is pointless to do for every single hour. I won’t be relying on the cloning every time anyways, I am just interested how this works.

Thanks for ur reply.

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Thanks for your reply,

I do understand this point of view and I am aware of it. I won’t be relying on this for my whole shift. I will only use it for certain times. As it is really unnecessary to go around every hour.

I just would like to know whether the cloned tag would send the exact info to the software

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NTAG215s are super simple tech. they can be dumped and emulated 100%.

it would indeed send the exact same information to the software if you do it correctly.

for this i would recommend not cloning to other tags as magic NTAGs are expensive. i would get something like a proxmark3 easy and use it to emulate the tags.

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Well I was thinking of purchasing those tags here and using them to clone the original, they are very cheap £6 for 10 pieces. Whereas the one you mentioned is around $89 unless there’s a cheaper way… idk what do you think?

You need special tags to be able to clone the entire tag to them, most tags you can find have parts that aren’t rewritable

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I don’t know, I’m kind of on the fence here. I don’t know that I’m all keen to help you not do your job as a security guard. Basically you’re saying you plan on sitting in one place and not actually doing your job, not making your rounds. That doesn’t feel right… like not a good application of hacking. How about you just do your job?


I appreciate your concerns. I am fully aware that this is not ethical as a security guard, however, I know this place well, it is not a residential area, in fact, the building is under demolition. The reason I want to do this is because I am not planning to patrol every hour, as I can fully supervise the site from where I am currently sitting.
hope that clarifies your concerns.

Can’t be that long of a walk then :classic_smile:

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you can’t use the tags you posted because they have a fixed UID. you need special magic tags to be able to fully copy the data from an ntag.

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hahaha the thing is them tags are distributed around the building, so I have to go out to the main road to be able to scan those tags. and going out to the main road meaning will have to open many gates then close then open… it is just too long.

ah I see, thanks for the advice, I really thought they could work for some reason!

i don’t get why you don’t just do what they’re telling you to do tbh. if they’re signing your paychecks and have specifically implemented this because they want you to be going around and documenting the fact you’re doing your job… then you should just do it no?

they’re paying you to be there so what does it matter that it takes time for you to walk in and out a couple of doors?

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I am not justifying my act, as I said this over and over I am fully aware this is not ethical. however I do not agree with this technique, the responsibilities I have alongside these tasks are way more than what they are paying me. Besides I am actually interested in knowing more about these tags, it’s the first time I have interacted with those kinds of chips.

Which is why you’re receiving some help, and not just the backlash

Oppositely, surely you can understand why people might not be leaping out of their seats to lend a hand on this one

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I see, u are right I am not opposing ur views, but I am sure many people in my position would’ve done the same. I am guarding an empty building, those tags have been created to provide proof of presence, as many guards fell asleep during their shift at night. it’s not like I am asking a way to auto-scan those tags whilst I go sleep… I am still active the only difference is this will give me more convenience. I feel that I am justifying myself at this point, just saying this because u guys seem very invested in my work lol… and I am definitely not putting anyone at risk, as the site has nothing that anyone can rob.

I am gonna delete this tomorrow, anyways thanks for the tips and advice provided regarding the NFC tags tho.

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to be honest, I get it… I would probably consider the same thing. the chips you would need to use to spoof these are quite expensive on a per chip basis, so it might not make sense to have to spend hundreds of dollars in order clone each of them.

  • how many tags are there?

  • what is the system / app that you have to use to scan these tags?


I have been reading a bit about it, it looks it more complicated than I expected. The company I work for has their own app which is very bland, it barely has 2 features all together but it can only be accessed by a company phone too.

There are 8 chips all together. As you’ve said it does not make sense to spend hundreds of dollars to clone those chips. I expected that they can easily be cloned or manipulated since they are very cheap and not as secured, but ye I am impressed how it serves its purpose at very low cost.