Cloning RFID Badge to NExT


I’ve recently acquired a Proxmark3 Easy in order to clone my RFID badge from my workplace, for obvious comfort reasons. I’ve followed all the steps necessary on the guide with no errors or issues with the cloning but unfortunately the NExT implant refuses to work when presented to the RFID reader at my work place. Furthermore, I’ve also copied a basic blue key fob I use to enter my apartment complex to another blue key fob, again no errors in the PM3 but that one still doesn’t work. I would also like to mention that they were all compatible, all read as EM410X. I’ve also verified, multiple times, with “lf search” to see if the cloning was actually successful. Would anyone be so nice as to shine some light on my issue? I’m fairly new to this.

Ha! Assuming your clones are successful, it might be a readability issue from the readers you’re trying to use. The NExT should have come with two field detector keychains. There should be an LF version, and you should use this to test the best location and orientation to present your implant to the reader with. This is why they are included in the kit.

Take some photos of the readers and post videos of you trying to use the keychain to find the best spot on the reader to get the LED inside the keychain to light up. We can advise from there.

How long ago did you get the NExT installed?

Um, I think about 2 years ago?

Alright. Will try to do that when I’ll be able to.

Hey again :wave:

This is the reader which I currently have issues with at my workplace, to which the NExT refuses to work with.

Proximity Card Reader IC ID Card Sensor Waterproof Access Control Reader 125khz 13.56mhz

Have you used the keychain with this reader?

No, the keychain was used to the reader at my apartment complex which suddenly worked this time, totally different reader. I tried using my NExT with the reader I linked above and that didn’t work, at all, from any angle.

Okay just to clarify, when I say keychain I am talking about the field detector keychain… This;

Have you used this accessory that should have come in your kit with the reader at work to try to determine the best angle and location to present your NExT implant to the reader with?

It didn’t come with any kit, it was just the NExT implant. I bought it from a reseller (DigiWell).



Always get the value kit from upgraded humans. You never know when you might need the extra goodies and for 10 bucks it’s just not worth missing the good stuff :slight_smile:
One thing comes in mind. Some readers have anti spoof protection and try to identify if the tag has t5577 chip. If that’s the case then I suggest getting a t5577 card/tag, password protect it and try again.
As Amal suggested, you need some way to see where the antenna of the reader is so you present your tag to it in the proper orientation( usually perpendicular to the antenna coil).
just to make sure we’re not missing anything
if you scan your work badge with lf search it returns em410x and hf search returns nothing ?

Yeah the work badge comes back as EM401X and the hf search doesn’t detect anything.