Cloning Samsung SHS 1321 tag on my xNT


Hi Amal,

I am happy with the xNT tag in my hand and the experiments I have made with my Nexus phone so far, but it is now time for a more advanced use case so I bought the Samsung SHS 1321 which I have seen you listed as compatible. I saw you do it in a video as well so I hope you can guide me on this project.

I have set it up to be unlocked by one of the RFID keychain provided and tried to clone a first tag onto another one using my phone but without success so far.

Am I missing something essential here? Do I need another piece of hardware to clone the tags like the one you are selling or does it apply only fir xEM tags? Any suggested app to do it then?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Matthieu,

The Samsung Ezon locks use a “mifare classic” chip like the MF1ICS50 which is fundamentally different from the NTAG216 chip inside the xNT.

There should be no reason to have to clone it… you can simply add the xNT directly to the Samsung lock’s list of authorized users. Just follow the same programming process you used to add the keychain fob (or follow instructions in the manual to add a tag).


Thanks for the clarification. I will try to add the tag the same way I added the first fob. Just out of curiosity during this very operation the door lock write a code on the xNT chip right? Does it mean that the chip is then dedicated only to this use case or is it possible to have different use cases using the other sectors of the memory on the chip? Is there any risky operation I should be aware of when reading or writing on my xNT? Thank you!


No, nothing is written to the tag. The read-only UID (serial number) of the tag is programmed into the lock, that’s all that happens.


Thanks, all clear now!


Hey mate,

Just checking, did you get the SHS 1321 to work fine with your xNT?