Cloning to NExT problems

I attempted to clone a Proxcard II to my NExT but when I went to check if the clone was successful my implant now shows as a Indala chip and can’t seem to get rid of that or how this happened. I used other guides on the forum for the process…

What did you use to clone?
ProxMark Easy?
Could there be a Firmware mismatch?
Are you using Proxmark on Android? ( I have found that LF is not the most reliable )
How many times have you tried?
Have you tried “Wiping” to T5577 then back to Proxcard II?
How long ago did you install your NExT?

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I used proxmark3 easy on windows I got about 6 months ago. I’ve had the NExt for about 7ish months. I’ve tried the wiping but it still keeps leading has Indala :thinking:

don’t bother to wipe, just use an lf em 410x clone … or whatever the command is… just write it into EM mode with a random ID… its kinda a safe “default”. if it doesn’t work, try repositioning the antenna and try again.

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LF EM gives me these options…

lf em 410x clone

Still shows up as Indala but now the Len and raw change…

Mostly frustrating because I got the FlexM1 installed a couple weeks ago and was able to figure that out without to many issues

do your client and firmware on the pm3 match?

Not exactly sure how to check that. Currently Rereading the getting started guide

its just when the proxmark3 client first starts there is a “boot up” screen of sorts… can you post that text?

hmm yeah ok that makes sense…

best i can think of honestly is antenna placement… both on read and possibly write…

Do you have a T5577 test card or fob to try and clone to? ( You may have got one with your Proxmark )

If that works, it is likely Read / Write issue like Amal suggested

or unlikely an issue with the NExT

When attempting to write to the cards the ID won’t even change.

Sorry I have to ask but can you take a pic of the card on the pm3?

Nice card, they wanted a photo of it placed on the Proxmark3 to see how you are placing it I think

Yeah I see that now :woman_facepalming: If tried it facing every way on the LF side and even tried HF side just for kicks

can you try a lf tune

and approach the antenna with your card

i don’t think this is a T5577 card since it has an ID printed on it… i don’t think you can change this.