Coding my RFID implant to a proprietary reader (time clock)

Question: In order to code my RFID implant to a proprietary reader (time clock), is there a “six digit alpha numeric string” available for my xNT ISO14443A / NFC Type 2 implantable chip that I can provide to a tech team (for the time clock company)?

Requested Information from Techs:

“Advise client that they will have to submit three (3) badges to our tech department for testing to confirm if they are compatible with our clock and ask client if they can provide the format code that is typically a six digit alpha numeric string that begins with a letter followed by five numbers (ex. A12345). This information can be found on the box of badges, included with badge documentation or available from the security vendor. See example below:”

The problem is, all those time clock and door access system companies literally make up their own ID naming conventions. All RFID tags have ID bits… just bits… 1s and 0s… how those bit values are represented can be binary 00011111… or decimal 31 192 38 48 133 … or hexidecimal 1F C0 26 30 85 … see, the decimal and hexidecimal values look different, but they actually are equal values… they both represent the binary (bit) value of;

00011111 (31 / 1F)
11000000 (192 / C0)
00100110 (38 / 26)
00110000 (48 / 30)
10000101 (133 / 85)

Then, to make things “easier” for customers, they come up with some crazy system where they translate these bit values into some printable, easily readable string of letters, numbers, or alphanumeric strings and put them on the front of the cards… then system engineers, HR departments, and security managers that run and maintain these systems have really no option to go anywhere else to get cards or tags for the system, all because they have no idea how to translate the ID system printed on the front of these cards so they can add other tags purchased elsewhere.

The one solution would be if there is a way for the system to just scan a tag to enroll it into the system… to have some reader on a manager’s desk somewhere that can be used to just scan tags into the system so they can be managed that way. Unfortunately that’s really not how most of these systems work… most require you type in the ID number normally printed on the front of the card/tag/fob… so unless you can translate how they get the ID number from the bit value of the tag’s ID, then you’re stuck.

That said, to get the ID number from your xNT, you’d simply scan it with TagInfo on an NFC capable Android phone. The ID number of the xNT will be presented on screen, along with other tag data. The ID value will be represented in hexidecimal.

Thank you, Mr. Amal!

I will certainly be employing this information. I will also update this post to let the Dangerous Things crew know how it turns out. Cheers!