College Key Card Cloning

Do you have iphone or Android? Sometimes iphone hardware + iOS version can lead to nothing happening when scanning tags with no ndef record on them.

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iPhone! I’ll try my dad’s phone when he gets home.

Here’s a picture of a reader that looks like the ones we have in college (less branding).


I do love Android!

From that My GUESS is Mifare Classic 1k

Does he have android?


I just saw your post

Yep Mifare Classic

You are in the market for a xM1 or FlexM1

And maybe an android :wink:

and Amals below :arrow_heading_down:

Yeah what he said

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Nice. Your Android phone has an NFC reader chip inside that cannot read the memory contents of a classic mifare chip because it lacks a license for crypto-1 … this is why you don’t actually see the memory sectors… but we do see enough to know an xM1 or flexM1 should work as a clone target… just need a proxmark3.

You can see the Kaba data set recognized by TagInfo so your system is a Kaba access control sysyem and the card will have to be fully cracked and cloned by the proxmark3… easy enough though… check the last vid on this page


So I won’t be able to use an NExT?

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Just some wishful thinking!

negative bossman theyre not interchangable the NExT can be viewed as a Mifare Ultralight on systems but you need a mifare classic which is what the xm1 and flexm1 provide


Please see my “Logistical Note” here: Chipping myself for college - Cloning HID card to xEM with Proxmark3 RDV4 - #3 by identity

Thanks @identity, I’ll give it a look! My xM1 arrived this evening and it’s getting implanted on Monday. I’m actually so stoked to be finally getting my implants installed as there’s finally a registered DT installer in Ireland!

Hi Folks,

Both chips are installed! I’ve cloned my college ID successfully and it reads the same ID on the Proxmark.

My one problem is actually with the NExT…I’ve seen some threads regarding the password on the NExT; I’m unable to write to it (it can read fine though)

Is the problem with the HF or LF side of the NExT? The PM3 Easy is known to be very difficult to use with LF X Series implants due to a poor antenna. Either way though, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Swelling can cause issues for up to a couple weeks. Since you just got it today, some difficulty reading/writing to it is expected. I’d give it two weeks, and if there’s still issues, we’ll be better able to help.

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Are you trying to write with Proxmark3 or your phone?

also what are you reading, The default link to ?

What are you trying to write?
What app are you trying to write with? TagWriter , NFC Tools?

Basically the password is set to stop you accidentally bricking it, (protects memory blocks from being locked)
rather than preventing you from accessing the usability of it.


It brings me to the NExT webpage on the dangerous things website.

Just some regular NFC functions with NFC Tools on iPhone.

Some NDEF datasets?
If what you are trying to write is too large (> ~888 bytes , it won’t write)

Have you tried a simple small plain text or link?

NFC Tools is good for that sort of thing, and there should be no reason why it doesn’t work over TagWriter but no harm in trying that either.

If you have no luck, it is most likely, it is what @APartOfMe said…swelling

It’s writing successfully now!

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One final thing, my xM1 has moved quite a bit since it was installed! Should I try move it?

This is where it is now! (Not to scale lol)

I’d say that’s roughly where my xSIID is and has been since installation in May. I’ve had zero issues with readability.