College school ID system

Hey everyone, so I just moved into my college dorm room, which is super exciting! I’ve been thinking about getting a DT implant to put my school ID onto before I even arrived at the school and saw the dorms. However now, I’m not so sure. This is the type of reader that is on all of the doors on campus. Dorms, halls etc. You insert your ID into the slot on top and put in your pin to gain access into the room. I know I could buy one of the DT cards to figure out what frequency it is etc- but is it even possible to have a chip read, even when you have to put your ID into the reader? My guess is no (and this is probably a silly question) but y’all definitely know more than me! If the image doesn’t work that i’ve attached let me know. Oh also, not that it matters too much, but you are also able to pay for food and such on campus using your ID by swiping it through a card reader.

Looks like a mag-stripe reader. Not compatible with any implant.
Any reader you need to “swipe” wouldn’t be RFID based.

What you could do is get a MagSpoof V2/3 which will emulate your card without having to swipe it from about 3cm away.

I think the V3 has the ability to hold like 6 cards to it, it also works with older pay systems. Hotels that’s use mag

You can also design your own for less than the asking price of $50, it also been done using a 3v BLE speaker and some wire :wink:


Yeah, that’s what I figured. I was hoping that there would be a different card system here but unfortunately not :frowning: