Come on down to crazy Amal's flex-o-ramma-ramma!

How ‘flex’ is this flex form factor? It looks more tempting than a flexEM to me

Well it’s a flexEM + a bullseye. The EM part would be rigid the sticker seems like it would be the same as a flexNT?

Ah, I was thinking flexEM’s T5577 coil was larger at about 17mm, but realised it’s about the same size as that includes the encapsulation.

Might be a bit hard to find someone locally to put one in :confused:

Nice, I didn’t know the EV3 was out. I know those chips can be a pain in the ass to aquire, and honestly, I just use my flexDF as a storage device for an encrypted payload that I decrypt with an app I made recently for storing passwords/accounts/info/etc, so an EV2 would be just as useful for me.

It’s really the storage space I’m after, but with an updated form factor, or one that incorporates two tags at once like this behemoth:P

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The Apex will have significant storage space (the Flex One Beta had 144kb of program+data space and the Apex chip is likely to have more), if that’s what you’re after. But, that’s also not released yet unlike the EV3.

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Last I saw officially was:

(Linking for other not for you @fraggersparks, I imagine you know a fair bit more than us mere consumers)

Here we go, yeah.

There’s going to be a L O T of space.

We don’t expect to use too much of it - I’ve optimised our code pretty heavily, and encryption keys are pretty small size-wise (under 1kb generally).

I considered the options for surreptitious data movement out-of-band kind of thing. Quite doable.

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What? No. That’s not doing you fine people any justice at all. If anything, I consider you all co-pilots on spaceship Human Endeavor!


I would, if the bits between the inner tag and the outer antenna are hollowed out, so the skin has a chance to anchor to the underlying flesh wherever possible. Sort of like this:


The bridges of polymer between the two would only be there to ensure the two tags are properly positioned within one another during installation. After that, the body should locate those parts all by itself.

Now that’s an interesting idea!

I have to agree it may be hard to get someone to install that. However, with coils like that the coupling and read range must be really awesome! I would say that for that reason it would be worth considering down the road… :wink:

It actually wasn’t too difficult! The place I go for my x Series implants doesn’t do flex sadly. I sent one email to another place that i know does x series and also does silicone implants and got a yes straight away… tempting!

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Wow that’s kewl

Just having a quick look to see if @Pilgrimsmaster has mentioned FlexEM+M1 yet :smile:


I mean, he’s not wrong. Me if I had a FlexEM+M1



Where’s the line start!? Always looking to add something new to play with and freak out my Dr.




I do confess, I’m starting to feel like a drug kingpin sussing out designer drugs for high end clients.


You are.
Implant addiction is real.
But at the same time you’re a scientist that develops cyborgs so… it cancels out?


I’m going to look into possibly making a custom antenna loop for the magic gen1a 1k chip so it’s just slightly larger than the T5577 disc… make the overall size of the device as small as possible.