Come on down to crazy Amal's flex-o-ramma-ramma!

It’s been talked about before, but nobody has been crazy enough to do it, UNTIL NOW!

40mm diameter, 35mm NFC antenna, 15mm T5577 antenna… all inside a flex form factor! The Bullseye NFC tag gets just a hair over 1" (26mm) range with my Pixel 2 and 2.25" (57mm) on the ACR122U

Anyone interested in this?


Yes if I could find an installer…


i’ll make a few and see how they work out…

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What would it cost? (Roughly?)
To be honest I don’t know if I’d do it.
The other flex implants (flexNT?) seem to have a nice read range already.

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Uhmm, yes I’m interested! Totally down for putting that in my body!


I am too but I’d be after a more interesting sticker than the NTAG216. Maybe you could add a NFC fingernail or 4 :sweat_smile:. You could possibly throw a UHF sticker in the mix too with that size. 3 implants in 1?


Send me some stuff you want Frankenstein’d and I’ll try some stuff. I’ll put a cap of $300 on this type of experimenting, but unless it gets crazy, a likely typical cost would be around $200ish…


I am looking at the flexDF and at the LED fingernail… Think I am going to try make a flexDF sized led fingernail… just a line of leds… no clue how… but yeah that is now a goal… Not sure I can make the wee antenna quite as well as you though @amal


This sticker is what came to mind btw, NTAG424

Man, if you could make that exact thing with a Desire Ev2 as the tag for the bullseye, I’d be so down. I’m wanting to replace/upgrade the Gen1 flexDF in my right arm with something newer and this would mean I wouldn’t have to also get an xEM or flexEM (especially since I missed out on the flexEM order) since I am wanting a low frequency device as well.

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@hoker, DF EV3 is out now :slight_smile: Like not an implant but the chip. Adds SUN capabilities and maybe some other stuff.

That sounds like a new implant to be made to me! @amal should look into updating the flexDF2 and the xDF2 to the new one, depending what all the advantages are.

Also, what about doing a flex version of the NExT? Its a popular chip, and having a 2 in 1 with better range and install options could be a good thing to experiment with.

That is the whole point of this post… :rofl: well maybe not the whole point but it is the implant that was proposed :smiley:

I do not think there are that many given the current use cases I have seen. No one seems to take advantage of the DF chips atm. Then again SUN is cool…

Yeahhhhhh… I need to work on my reading skills lol I totally missed that and just saw T5577 and totally missed the entire thing about the added NFC capability. Now that I am aware of this, I am in full support of this project!


How ‘flex’ is this flex form factor? It looks more tempting than a flexEM to me

Well it’s a flexEM + a bullseye. The EM part would be rigid the sticker seems like it would be the same as a flexNT?

Ah, I was thinking flexEM’s T5577 coil was larger at about 17mm, but realised it’s about the same size as that includes the encapsulation.

Might be a bit hard to find someone locally to put one in :confused:

Nice, I didn’t know the EV3 was out. I know those chips can be a pain in the ass to aquire, and honestly, I just use my flexDF as a storage device for an encrypted payload that I decrypt with an app I made recently for storing passwords/accounts/info/etc, so an EV2 would be just as useful for me.

It’s really the storage space I’m after, but with an updated form factor, or one that incorporates two tags at once like this behemoth:P

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The Apex will have significant storage space (the Flex One Beta had 144kb of program+data space and the Apex chip is likely to have more), if that’s what you’re after. But, that’s also not released yet unlike the EV3.

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Last I saw officially was:

(Linking for other not for you @fraggersparks, I imagine you know a fair bit more than us mere consumers)