Wrist & big flex implants

Is the wrist a good position for big implants?

TL;DR I’m about get a PAY installed at my wrist, will it move too much when I turn my hand to pay?

I’ll get a PAY implant, probably in my wrist.

To be clear, I mean the lowest green area ^, on the outer side.

I think some people get flexNExTs installed at that position.
My installer suggested this position and I like it, but I have doubts.

I need to turn my hand upside down to pay, and when I do that the skin moves.
When I stick a 2 * 3cm (implant is 17 * 27mm) piece of tape on the my arm and make the 180° turn, it ends up over a bone.

I don’t know if I want all that movement + bending every time, also it kind of moves away from the reader.

Idk if I shouldn’t just convince my installer to copy @JennyMcLane 's position.
Higher, more on the outside, the bones move under it but there’s muscles beneath. It easily passes the tape-test. My installer doesn’t like it I guess.

Do implants under skin move as much as stickers on the surface? (I guess no, but how much less?)

I would say that position might not be the best as you will need to turn your hand upside down for terminals on a table/counter, and also an uncomfortable position for vertically mounted terminals (such as vending machines).

What about the right side of your right hand? It seems more comfortable for the position to read.

It shouldn’t move around inside as much as it is coated in silicone, which should provide some friction to prevent moving around.

I’d wait for Jenny’s answer, because she already has one, but if i get it right, the pay-implants are covered in silicone - if so, they should barely move at all after fully healed

Actually, I really like the position, because of the movement.

Afaik it’s the usual polymer all DT flex implants use, and I don’t mean movement in like migration, but like does the implant sit in the part of the skin that moves around or the one that stays close to the bone/musle.
EDIT: now that I read it again, yeah it could be a different polymer/silicon…

AFAIK all of the DT flexible implants use the same biopolymer, including the custom PAY conversions

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Keep in mind, despite the name, the flex implants are not designed haven’t been tested to be installed in a location that will deliberately flex the implant in normal every day movements.

Still waiting on those Bendy tests

I’ve had a flexM1 in that spot for a few months now. It’s generally very comfortable. Being over bone doesn’t matter too much with the flex chips since they’re so slim there isn’t much smash risk. Mine does occasionally pinch a tiny bit when lifting heavy things and twisting, but it’s rare and not enough to be concerned about.

Ease of use and read range for that position are generally fairly ideal for my use case, but your mileage may vary.

Generally would recommend listening to your professional installer though, since that is quite literally their job :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t think it is the implant you should worry about. That thing will be fine. You need to worry about where it sits. If you turn your hand, and it pushes internally and causes blood flow to stop to an area. A pressure wound from the inside could be made? I guess the only way I can currently explain it as I am on mobile is by showing.

My NExT is poorly positioned in regards to my bones. I can have my hand in a certainposition, and it will be sore after a while, due to either blood flow or pressure. The area turns white, which is why I can tell the flow is reduced or stopped.

You just want to avoid points like that.

How did it end up there? Did it migrate on its own?

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Partly this, partly I installed poorly. I kinda wanna cut it out to be honest. All my other installs were fine. They all have been fine when I install them.

When I get to a computer, I will also tell the story of why my Spark 1 is in a mini vial and not in me.

P.s. what should I buy to put in, that will also fit the spark 1 og chip. I have a sterile way to put it in to the injector, but would like to use it back to back.

Perhaps you could force it out of its current location by constant distraction (with some kind of device to put constant pressure on one side of it) so it ends up somewhere nicer. Put yeah, if it causes you the kind of trouble you describe, I reckon you really should do something about it.

I used the toothpick method for a while. It started to cause pressure wounds. I have tried pushing it under the skin, but it doesn’t move. I cannot push it in a manner that moves it, it sinks down, hard to explain. I might be able to do it with a friend, but it would be way more pain and trouble than what it is currently. I firmly believe I have it in the right layer, but I have doubts sometimes because of this.

It is only sore if I hold my phone too long or hold the steering wheel with an L of my fingers. It bothers me maybe once a week or once every too.

The reading of it is great though.

Sounds like it’s been encased by your body. I caught the skin around the (properly encased) EM4305 in my right hand the other when I tried to slip my hand through a narrow opening to fix something in my bike: it didn’t move despite the really quite forceful nudge, but it hurt like a sonofagun.