Command execution time out - COTAG

Hi All
I’ve just got my Proxmark3 easy, I think I’ve done all the firmware updates etc (V4.14831) but I’m repeatedly having the same issue with my “ls scan”.

It does the awid one fine but then stops on the COTAG and ends the search:
“Searching for COTAG tag……
[!] command execution time out”

Am I doing something wrong?
Is there a way to extend the COTAG search time so it doesn’t time out?
Or is there a way to skip it searching COTAG?


Wherr did you get your PM3 from? (link?)

What guide did you follow to setup your proxmark (link?)

Can you post the output after you launch the client please,

Something like this

With an LF card on the LF antenna, Can you also try a
lf search

and post the result please

does your
hf search
work correctly?

Device is from

Setup was followed from this forum

HF search has no issues.

No idea how to post as I’m on my phone.