Commands not working - Proxmark

I bought a proxmark and it was working until now. Now when i try “hw ver” or “hw tune” it says: command not found. Only the “help” command works

The switch is on. The led STD is lit and CHR is flashing, all the letters (A, B, C, D) are off

Proxmark is updated the latest firmware and bootrom and still is not working.

Thx in adv

supporting the proxmark3 is a tall order… but the flashing does not sound right… maybe i’m wrong but that seems to me that it’s busy when doing nothing, which should not be the case.

what interface package are you using? mac? windows? linux? is your proxmark set up as a virtual com port? are you connecting properly to it? are you entering into the environment and issuing those commands or are you attempting to send them via command line?

I already found the problem.
I wasnt using the command “./client/proxmark3.exe comX”
The “help” command is from the MINGW32 shell window, thats why nothing was working

Sorry for not updating the topic. Thx anyway!