Community-driven Biohacking Map

Whats the difference between that map and the one linked at the top here?

How does the community edit the DTCommunityMap?

I am not sure of the plan myself and where @Ottomagne is at with it , wait one, let me see if I can summon him :mage:


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Hello, it me.

Been lurking, but haven’t had time to respond - work’s been a nightmare.

When I took up the project, it was based on the work someone else was doing, and was started with the intent of building out the map with information that was more useful specifically to biohackers (while also helping build out the Vivokey ecosystem a little more). So the idea behind having it running in a JS app instead of just being a Google Map was more based off of long term goals rather than short term convenience.

Currently, there is no difference between DTCommunityMap and the thunderblaster map. The backend for ThunderBlaster’s map was running on a local server, and it’s gone down at some point. When I took it up, my first steps were to replicate what was there, then build out some additional features later on.


I’m undertaking this task, officially sanctioned by DT, for a uni assignment.

The details here have been extremely helpful in determining what users most want.

Thanks all - if anyone has any ideas they’d like to add, please do.


Probably a few other little snippets in this one also

and of course some actual supplemental information from here

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If anyone’s interested, please find a design draft. I need some feedback if possible.design_draft.pdf (192.3 KB)

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I like it
I would suggest making it resemble Map GUIs people are already familiar with ( Google , OSM etc ) to make use of it easy, use/learn/ familiar etc.

However I do like your layout as it is, if not more so than Big Corps versions.

I like the Your position and closest POI
Enter location OR enable Location services ( on phone etc)

In the search bar, will / can there be a filter?
Search for “flex series”
" near me"
“Within 100km”
price “Low to High”

The adding / modifying screen looks good

I think that it is looking promising so far

Are you going to have the ability for installers to add themselves? That seemed like an issue before we my installer couldn’t get added

Additionally might he nice for customers to be able to leave reviews or experience information

Yes - that’s the intent of the add/update. It’ll be both piercers and forum users able to add.

It appears that the website is down.

I used to manage a few public google maps,

I’m willing to set one up and add installers to it,
Actually contribute something
Just would want 5 or 6 data points per each installer to make the job easier

@amal whatcha think? Or have something cooking?


Last I heard, @fraggersparks was doing a revamp, but we haven’t seen him for a while. Im not sure where he got to, what he was specifically doing or where the data currenly is :man_shrugging:
Maybe if he sees this, we could get an update from him

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Coincidentally, I started working on this for fun a couple of weeks ago. Front end is mostly done.


looking really good buddy.

Is there anything we (the community) can do to make it easier for you?

I assume you have read all the posts in this thread!?

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Thanks. I did once back in the day but I’ll go back through it again and incorporate anything I’m missing. So far as help, feedback is always welcome.

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Alrighty, I think I’ve got a grasp on the direction we’re after.

My plan was to basically take Amal’s map and give folks the ability to sign up as partners and mange their own stuff (pending amal’s approval).

What it does:
Uses your IP to guess your location, figures out whether you use freedom or sanity units and sets them accordingly (miles v. kilometers). Partners are sorted by range. If the partner is within 1000 miles or 1500 km, when you open the partner, you also get an estimated travel time. The existing filtering is pretty self-explanatory.

Things I need to add/change:

Account stuff

  • Two types of accounts: partners and biohackers
  • Partners provide (at least) installation services
    • Have a studio
    • Have “official” flags that can be toggled (Dangerous Things, KSEC, …?)
  • Biohackers offer help with NFC/RFID cloning and answer questions
    • Will not have a specific location
  • Accounts will have a keep alive period
    • Option for email reminders

Where did we land on having accounts that are rated for things like professionalism, etc

Do we want to do the whole “official” thing for these as well? IE, DT endorses said event?

Anything I’m missing?


I think this would be a good idea, with a standard set of details

Location/ address:
Contact details:

Star Ratings
Price: stars or actuall cost

plus maybe a notes section, for comments or forum links to install post

:man_shrugging: Just my thoughts


I think some kind of rating would be better than actual costs, for those may vary a bit :wink: Though most piercers I know have some kind of price table for piercings they do, most of the non-standard-stuff is usually not on that, and to be honest, I think many artists decide upon the price more or less “spontaneously”. Like, the price of my scars was depending on how long Arnulf needed to do them, and he couldn’t tell me beforehand how much it would cost exactly.
Star rating is a bit difficult, though - does 5 stars mean it’s very expensive, or does it mean the price (however high it may be) is totally fine? I know from some pages (I think facebook has that, for example) that they just use currency symbols, with € meaning cheap and €€€ more expensive.


Good point

That’s good, but also subjective.
What a €€ for some could be €€€€€ for other

Actual cost gives people a known expectation, but as you say, the prices could “spontaneously” given.

There could be discounts for multiple implants.

Even giving a: Fair - Reasonable - Expensive rating is subjective…

Basically :man_shrugging: