Community-driven Biohacking Map

Good point. Maybe businesses are the only ones with exact addresses. Anyone else could put alternate contact info if they want. Maybe even just a city or region level location.

We’ve got that “Where are you from?”-thread, maybe it could work in a similar way - some people there just tell their countries, others the city or region. Maybe one could even merge these maps, or use two different layers (one for professionals, which might be open to public, and one for private persons, maybe only accessible via the forum or some other authentification?)?

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea of the infrastructure of those maps, so if that is completely impossible, it’s just me being silly :smiley:

For partners we could sort this out another way. I was talking to thunderblaster about this at one point where basically partners would create accounts (somewhere) and then DT would “grant” them partner status… but they would be able to update their own map location, contact info, etc. If it were based on this forum and badges let’s say, then we could easily grant official partners a special badge that made them an installer, and another badge that updated that pin to be an installer and a modder that can do flex (for example)… or if not badges, we could leverage groups… I could make a group for installers and one for modders and if they are in modders they get a modder pin… no idea if that’s viable, just thinking out loud here…

Also… something to note… we do have the ability to update discourse with plugins that could help export this data if the standard API doesn’t have a method for this… we also have a plugin writer that helped us with the VivoKey plugin, so it’s something I’d put some $ toward getting that plugin made if necessary.

Other ideas for self-classification could be the About Me section… adding standard html tag style markers is supported but become invisible when rendered;



So basically you could tag your about me section with various standardized tags that could be parsed by the map…

again… i’m just tossing stupid shit out here… it may make no sense at all, just putting out ideas.

Yes I absolutely love the idea of layers… being able to check tickboxes to show various types of pins… this is critical I think.

full screen with options

One major utility I want to be sure is there is the map itself to be full screen and able to be embedded in another website via simple iframe, like is. This might mean also being able to send initial layer / legend options via querystring… so like if I embed,modders

then the map ticks those two checkboxes only when it initially renders the map… make sense?

I guess my point here is, they won’t. Maybe some at first, but then participation will fade out. Data will get outdated, and we’re right back to the situation we have with the current map. Specifically, every “pin” on it I tried was invalid. I had to get a recommendation off the board for an installer, who was actually on the map, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY.

A community map, updated and ran by the community. If you fade out, then your community status fades out too. An active member though, who inputs bad data, can have that brought to their attention to fix. Because they’re here, they’re active, they’re community. I’m really looking for a self healing facet to the map so it doesn’t “junk up” over time.

@Ottomagne, If you’ve never seen Parks and Rec, then go watch that first, but I got this line from that show. “A camel is just a horse designed by a committee.”

There’s a ton of ideas and input here, but first and foremost, you’ve got to make a product that you’re proud of. You can’t put it all in, and even if it’s not what I want, it’ll be better if you make decisions in the interest of a coherent whole. I suggest you follow the “enlightened dictatorship” model. Listen, learn, take advantage of anything you can here, but in the end, make it yours, make it something you can be proud of and it’ll be awesome.

And in case you can’t tell, we’re all really pulling for you, and thanks for taking this one on!


That scope creep tho.

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Oh yeah, also, can you have it solve world hunger and shine my shoes, while you’re at it. I’m gonna need that deliverable in three days. Thaaannnkkkkssss.


true… currently it’s up to us to reach out to our partners to ensure the pins are updated… and well, that’s not happening now.

Yes I agree… this has the best possible chance at being accurate at any given time.

Why not have this partly community driven?

Say I find a local installer who is fine being listed as a person who will do these, but doesn’t really want to deal with managing another account that may not give them much business.

So I ask them if I can add them, and if they don’t care, I can put their pin and info in. It would say,

"Stab and jab company
Address:456 main st
Anywhere, earth

Last used by @Backpackingvet on july 3, 2020"

If the map has layers, this could be flipped on and off easy. If after a year they dissappear, then it would be up to the place of business to try and get back on, unless I wanted to re do them.

People who want to be official partners, I feel, should reach out to you.

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That’s pretty much the way I do it (spreading the word because I’m very happy and my bodmod-artist is okay with it), but there may be a problem with artists in some countries, where they have to stay “under the radar”. The map is public, and so it might get difficult for them if happy customers tell more than they should…
Still, fine for me here, but if it’s done that way we must all hope that people only put studios and artists up here who are really okay with that. Dunno if that’s a problem at all, just something to consider.


I tend to keep an eye out for posts in my area, and go from there. I’ve given my installer’s contact info to a few people now (with his permission) but I’m not sure he’d be cool with just anyone seeing it.

Sounds like a
" I know a guy " map layer option !!!
This could be a simple as a dot/ icon on a city, when you select that dot in that city, it Shows forum members details to DM for “hook up” details
That way, the forum member keeps it on the down-low and they ultimately choose whether to share or not.
(the forum member may have multiple “I know a guys” in multiple cities, so better with the generic city dot icon, than directly associated with the forum member)


Now that’s using the ol’ Pilgrimaster noggin!

You could keep a pin either open, anyone can read it, or closed, let’s you contact the poster quietly.
I LIKE it.


@amal how are the accounts through this Discourse implementation being authenticated? Are you using OpenID Connect by chance? Or does Discourse have its own auth that you then put the OpenID plugin into to support Vivokey?

We do have our own oidc plugin!

Research continuing on…

Looks like Discourse does have a built in functionality for acting as an SSO provider. I’ll need to work with you @amal to integrate any config changes that need to happen on your side to allow your discourse server instance to actually auth users.

As I’ve continuing looking into different methodologies for continuing with this project, I learned that Amazon actually has a system built in for user auth/management, so that will be the point of connection between Discourse and the web app - the AWS cloud will still have to manage users in some manner, but their Discourse session/account will auto-link to be injected into that user pool/identity pool, so people shouldn’t have to make any new accounts or re-login or anything like that. Then the AWS user management system will provision authorities to make changes/edits, and the like.

On a side note, AWS has out-of-the-box support for OpenId Connect auths as well, so at some point, I’d like to try and set up a project integrating the Vivokey API directly into AWS, just to figure it out for myself and everyone else. Since Discourse will be the SSO provider for the map project (and you have the Vivokey plugin already running and connected to Discourse), that point is moot for this specific project, but I think it’s worth figuring out for future API users.

More to come later…

Edit: I’m using this thread to catalogue research pertaining to the continued development of the app here, but development isn’t moving forward THAT quickly. I’m wanting to get things stable and set up on my machine locally before I ask anyone to do anything that might break down or cause issues; I’ll be setting up a Discourse instance locally to make sure I can get the SSO provision working locally before I’ll ask to change anything on the DT setup.


no prob

if you need DT to set up an AWS account to develop and host this project, we’d be happy to do that.


Hmm can I get a TLDR on how to add someone to whichever map were using? Haha. The guy who does mine asked me to get home added lol he’s not super computer savvy.

DM me the details


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If you’re planning on adding him to the partners XML, let me know when you update it and I’ll update the AWS database with a fresh pull :call_me_hand:

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