Compatibility / test before purchase

Hello !
It’s been approx. 1 year since I want to buy an implant, I’m not afraid about it or anything, but I want to be sure that it will work with my most common “needs”, and especially my work badge (like many other readers here ;)).
My company uses a NXP Mifare Classic 4K card badge. What I wanted to do is to buy an tag with the exact same technology than the implant, to be perfectly sure that it will work.
What should I get ? xNT ? (that was the initial plan) XM1 ?
Thanks a lot for your help, I’m really excited about the possibilities!

PS : would a screenshot from NFC tools would help you to see what could be the best solution?

We do not have any official products that are compatible with a Mifare 4k chip in implantable format… however I do have some early prototypes of an xM4 with a legitimate Mifare 4k chip inside… but the chip is large and that meant we had to use thinner walled glass. It turns out the glass was not thick enough to be considered “safe”… during sterilization many of them broke under pressure… however I do have 2 that survived… if you think you’re brave enough, I might consider selling you one with the understanding that the chance of it breaking is much higher than our other x-series products.

Hello @amal and thank you for your answer.
I’m not sure I’m brave enough to take this kind of risk for my first implant :wink:
But I’m a patient kind of guy: I follow with great interest all new stuff from you / Dangerous Things.
I’m currently discussing with a friend of mine which is a hand surgeon here in France, and he told me that he would be ok to “test” on me the installation of a flex implant, after he has studied enough this topic.
I would be very interested by the Vivokey, so that is also a possibility!
in the meantime, I have to learn more about the technology itself and understand it better, on a technical level, before installing an implant that would not fit my needs.
Thanks again !

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