Compatibility with other companies chips

So I`m looking at some different Chips from the company I AM ROBOT. They have a bit more features I can use. Are the accessories of Dangerous Things compatible with Chips from other companies?


What I know is.

X1 - xEM
X2 - xNT + flexNT is similar but better
X3 Elite - xM1+ (out of stock at DT)
X3 is only what I understand a mifare classic chip with unchangeable UID
X4 - xDF2 or better flexDF

X2.1 this is the only chip that DT doesn’t have at the moment

What DT have:

xBT: temperature sensing chip
vivokey flex
vivokey spark

I have the X2 from iamrobot - I can read it with the KBR1 Reader - the Reader reads also the SIID from dsruptive.

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Thanks Jenny!
That list will be useful :slight_smile: