Composition impants

I wanted to know what is the composition of your implants?

What part are you asking about?

X series tags are encased in bio grade glass. It also has a ferrite core and contains bio-safe epoxy.

Flex series are encased in a bio-polymer.

Both have a chip inside along with some copper for an antenna.


What software do you use for coding?
Do you know where I can find a list of components used in implants?

He just told you what they are made of.

TagInfo and TagWriter from NXP for me

Correct me if I’m wrong but,
I thought they all worked on:-
some smoke and mirrors + a little bit of love and just a pinch of magic…

on closer inspection there may be a chip and antenna in there also

My first port of call would be going to
Dangerous things website, choose the device you are interested in xDF2 for this example, go to xDF2 chip specifications, select

check out the data sheet.

For any other components, probably best to ask Amal directly…


Oh right, so it’s not hollow inside: it’s really a solid block of potted electronics surrounded by a glass wall - meaning it should be a lot more solid than it looks.