Computer Login with RFID (but not NFC)

It’s a functional workalike for the KBR1 method of computer login. The device acts as a keyboard, either via blueooth, or by the USB receiver. Took about five minutes to set up.

Just a heads up for those of us with 125 KHz implants. :slight_smile:


and if you want a portable one that isn’t the size of a hair dryer (joke)

you can get the HDRD60 from HDWR eu

or from aliexpress search “RFID USB STICk” it’s the white one with the word RFID on it. can confirm it works amazing with xseries implants

Oh nice! I’m going to have to grab one of those when I can find a US seller.

RFideas also makes a wave id nano in LF flavor, but I believe it is only hid prox or was it EM? I’ll have to find the thread somewhere… it might be hard to find because the user who mentioned it is now an anonymous user (shame)

Edit* the 6311 looks to be indala
And saw another version that was EM mode