Concerns about implant location

Today while I was at work I closed a fist with my and and felt a sharp pain in my hand where my NExT is. Is this something I should be concerned about? Its the only time its happened, ive had this NExT for 18 days now. The pain almost immediately left after I opened my hand and hasn’t happened against since.
It is sitting directly on top of top of the tendon in most positions, while my hand is open its next to it.

Yeah… this looks like a concern actually. Assuming the bone is directly under the tendon, this position is likely higher risk… enough that if it doesn’t move off to a much more suitable position, I would consider removal and replacement.

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Disregard my previous post I honestly i didnt even look at the pictures i just read the text.

18 days isnt too long, i assume you could try forcing it off of the tendon along the path of install. but yeah it does look pretty suspect there.

i think you could coerce it to the side with a splint and some tape

Ill try out the splint and tape method, hopefully i can get it more centered between the two. Ideally it shouldn’t be on the tendon at all right, Even when squeezing a fist or moving the fingers?

Hi @Markku.

Just so you don’t get the impression that I’m a Quack, I completed a Bachelor of Human Movement (Exercise Physiology) many years ago, and a Bachelor of Paramedicine last year. I’m no doctor, but I have decent knowledge on anatomy. Here’s my educated assumption on the pain you experienced…

By placing the implant directly over your tendon, the pressure applied by your skin to the implant every time you close your hand is causing the implant to rub against the tendon. Over the last 18 days, this has caused your left extensor digitorum tendon to develop early onset tendinitis.

It’s not as bad as is sounds:

  • Tendinitis: Short term inflammation
  • Tendinopathy: Long term damage to the tendon

@Hamspiced and @Equipter both have good ideas. To avoid long term damage (tendinopathy) you need to move the implant away from the tendon to stop it rubbing. Once done, the inflammation will go away (likely to subside over about a month).

In the mean time, I recommend you take Over The Counter (OTC) Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories (NSTAID’s) such as ibuprofen for about a week.

As the old adage goes… If pain persists, see your doctor!


Hi, local quack here, that’s a clear sign of ghosts and/or demonic possession

Coincidentally the treatment is identical to a misplaced implant, so I recommend listening to those above me :classic_smile:


LOL. :rofl: