Confused on Buying Proxmark3

i want to do some learning on RFID and also want to do some side hustle by duplicating key fobs for customers. so should i buy this device (Proxmark3). also is it good for canadian market. and is this device latest like i saw this product on amazon with V3. So should i get V3 from this website if i purchased or V2.

Unless you have experience with the proximark already, I would absolutely recommend ordering from Dangerous things with the Proxmark3 Easy. Seriously, the UI is almost nonexistent (Way more so without the ICEman firmware I’m sure)

Buying from a trusted source with preinstalled and verified firmware and a known starting point will be worth any price difference by a mile. Seriously, when you run into issues (And you almost certainly will if this is your first time using a proxmark device) Having a whole forum of people know where you’re starting from to troubleshoot is a blessing. Not to mention there are like 100 tutorials and previous user questions all answered with the Iceman Firmware as a baseline starting point.

Save yourself hours of headache and go for the Ez version.

And when it comes to RFID/NFC cloning/analysis this (From what I’ve seen) is pretty much The standard.


Ok Thanks But can you tell me which is Good for canadian Market. Also if Ez version is standard than which version is Advance. also i saw a Proxmark3 V3 on Amazon so is it latest version?

There are multiple versions of the Proxmark3. The latest version is much more expensive and is the RDV4 (that would be the advanced version). You really don’t need the few extra features of the RDV4 for most purposes.

If my memory is working the v3 and the Easy are basically the same, but they can have different amounts of memory and different firmware. I would highly recommend the Easy as you get a recent version of the Iceman firmware (the best firmware to use) and the most memory that appears in these versions. You really want that memory.

You might be able to save a few bucks on Amazon, but you won’t get the same level of support that Dangerous Things will give you.

As for Canada, Dangerous Things is based on the North side of Seattle. The actual readers are the same no matter which country you are in.


What do you mean by “The Canadian Market”?

The proxmark3 is the lastest version of the hardware but it’s just that. It’s hardware. You would have to have the knowhow to set it up and get it running.

The easy version is sold by Dangerous things with the ICEMAN firmware preinstalled to make the software side of things much easier to navigate. There is no official “EZ” version it is just what DT calls it with the firmware already set up for you.

No matter where you buy (Ebay, Amazon, or DT) It will all be the same hardware.

I’ve been corrected apparently there are different hardware versions as well. Sorry about that!


Not entirely true, some people are still selling older versions of the hardware and some are selling the Proxmark3 Easy with less memory than the Dangerous Things version.

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I think he means “Canadian market” as in the types of fobs and cards commonly used. Sometimes geography can play a role here, like Legic cards and chips are used extensively in certain parts of Europe, but outside those specific countries not so much.

The important thing to understand here though is what kinds of keys / fobs / cards can even be cloned to another chip? To answer that, basically most types (but not all types) of 125kHz chips can be cloned to the T5577 chip, and only very specific mifare classic 1kB chips with 4 byte UIDs can be cloned to a magic mifare chip

Car keys and other types of more common automotive transponders do have systems and chips for cloning those things but it’s outside the typical use case for proxmark3 and you basically go to the hardware store and use their special box for that.

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Sorry, I had completely forgotten about car key chips, those require other specialist devices as well.

Assuming it is mostly door locks of types that can be cloned then the Proxmark3 Easy is still the best bet isn’t it?

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and does this Proxmark3 easy do scan or used to clone LF and HF fob or anything?

Exactly that!

Just be aware, there are not many “Clonable” HF chips…but the ones that are, are quite common