Contact details reading from chip to phone


I want to implant a chip and put my contact details on it. I would then like to allow others to scan it with their phones to add my details to their contact list.

I guess this must be possible, but does the receiving phone need an rfid reader app or will most “new” phones have such capability in-built?



You will want our xNT or flexNT product. Both use an NTAG216 chip which has 888 bytes of user memory - enough for a simple vCard (nothing fancy). The installation procedure for these products does vary, so the skillset of the professional you will need to assist you will need to be appropriate to the product you purchase.

The phone doing the scanning will need an NFC radio. Not all phones have this. Android based phones with NFC will not need any special apps to read an NFC tag. At the time of this message, iPhone version 7 or better with iOS11 or better can read NFC tags, but it’s not clear that iOS does anything with NFC, and so far I’ve only seen iPhones work with NFC tags by opening an NFC app of some kind.

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