Contactless Payment and Spark being installed today, why am I so nervous?

was your expiration date also 26 months instead of the advertised 36? When did you order your purewrist?

Shit, I just checked the app and it says my expiration is on 7/23. I had assumed 3 years but youre right, only 2 :sob:

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You have been given some great advice from above, I’m only jumping in to add 4 things.

  1. I have a payment conversion done by Amal, and I love it, it works flawlessly.
    it is super convenient :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :credit_card:

  2. Either #4or 5 sounds ideal, I got mine in what I would call #4.5 (Atop of the bone, below the pinky) so it sits proud and reads super easily, which is what I wanted, HOWEVER I do hit, bang, bump and catch it a lot. So don’t do what I did.

  3. If you want to be distracted for a little bit, here is a link to my install post of my payment conversion…if you haven’t seen it before it does have a video near the end with my install using the same size needle you will be using, but don’t worry yours won’t take anywhere near that long because the needle lube is a game changer. The flex I had after that went in literally 10 x faster

  1. Good luck and have fun :+1:
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Enjoy it, when you pay the first time :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the tips @Pilgrimsmaster !

I will read through your post while I wait for the topical lido to soak in before my appointment. I’m ready!



Pretty late, but it’s worth noting this won’t work for iPhones

iPhones don’t like to read vcf files natively, so you’ll have to use a service like link tree, popl, or direct file hosting and use a legacy version of the .vcf

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here is a good reference for you

Now you tell me, I just finished with the install! Haha

You and @Pilgrimsmaster offered advice on the .vcf subject. Can you guys confirm if the way I implemented it works or not? I read that thread before, and none of the virtual business card services offered exactly what I wanted, so I built a simple WordPress website, optimized for mobile, that lists my contact info along with a button to download my .vcf file from Google Drive. I tested it on a friend’s IPhone, and it downloaded fine, but we didn’t try using the .vcf file to import my contact to his phone because he already had my contact. Would he have not been able to import my contact with that file? Damn.

If not, any tips on how to allow iPhone and Android users to download my contact from the same button on my website?

Happy to share the website I made fory Vivokey with anyone who’s interested. I just don’t want to post it publicly because it has personally identifiable info and implants are so much more controversial than I expected…

Recap of the install:

I have been coordinating with Gumby for about a month since I ordered the PureWrist and started down the cyborg route. His great communication made it easy for us to coordinate my day trip to Seattle area for the install.

I arrived at Hidden Entity Tattoo at about 2pm and was out by 3pm. The shop was locked and not open to the public, they checked my temp on arrival, and everything was meticulously cleaned constantly.

Everyone there made me feel right at home, but I was still scared shitless! We did a second application of lidocaine after I got there, and let it soak in while he prepped.

1st we did the Spark. It was SO EASY, minimal pain and no blood. Very easy, nothing to worry about there.

2nd we did the flex payment chip and honestly it was not fun for me (spoiler: it worked out great). Although I brought the 4g needle, Gumby thought that using a scalpel and dermal separater would cause less damage, I trust him, so that’s what we did. I’m not proud of this next part… But I fainted sometime after the scalpel and during the separation. Everything stopped, I got a lollipop, and then we continued on. The dermal separation was quite painful even with the topical anesthetic from DT, I may or may not have screamed like a little girl, but after it was done the pain went away quickly. Everything got sanitized and bandaged up super clean, I couldn’t be more impressed by Gumby’s work!

I’m now at the bar down the street, a couple bourbons deep, waiting for my 8pm flight back home. My hand is a little sore, but no big deal! I used the payment chip to pay for the procedure, and I’ve setup the Vivokey to launch my virtual business card website, both are tested and working great!

Huge thanks to Gumby, Hidden Entity Tattoo, and the Dangerous Things forum community! Gumby allowed me to take some close up videos of both installs, and I would love to share them with the community, but first I need to edit out my squeals and figure out how to host a video online anonymously. In the meantime, here’s some pictures:


Did you use the Vivokey WordPress plugin for logging into the WordPress Website or was it just a redirect from your Spark scan to that website?

Did you follow this

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I didn’t know Vivokey had a plugin, will watch the video when I get back to the airport!

The way I have it setup now is that the Vivokey redirects to my domain, so when someone scans the Spark it opens the Vivokey URL, which almost instantly redirects to my own URL. From there people can find my social links or download my .vcf card

I very nearly fainted myself. I got the cold sweats and felt the darkness closing in. I let him know and he took a brief break. The rest went smoothly. Out of curiosity, how long was the lido on?

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I put the first application on at approximately 12:40, Gumby reapplied a fresh pouch at approximately 2. Went under the blade for the flex install at approximately 2:30.

The lido worked great for the spark, and I hardly felt the scalpel work for the flex, but the dermal separation was genuinely painful not only on the site but also from my pinky to my elbow. Disclaimer: I’m a total pussy so my reaction was probably worse than average. Most importantly, it was over quickly and doest hurt much now. Would do it again knowing what I know now!


I love bourbon, what are you drinking?

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Don’t feel bad, I would have pretended to faint just to get a lollipop :wink:

It’s not uncommon at all, it’s called vasovagal syncope , I was going to link you to some posts, but it is so common, just search for vasovagal syncope here on the forum, you will see a bunch of posts with stories and recommends


It must be Rum flavoured bourbon :tropical_drink:


I have fainted from having the “dressing” for a wound removed. Don’t feel bad about it.

The dressing was packing and splints in my sinuses from the outside it looked like a single thread in each nostril but there was the equivalent of a plastic teaspoon and what my wife swears was about 2 feet of cotton wool.

Apparently the problem is you concentrate on the pain so much that you forget to breathe. :unicorn_shock_surprise:

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At home I have some Woodford and Basil Hayden waiting. But as far as what they put in my 3 sours at the dive bar and now my 4th at the airport lounge, your guess is as good as mine. What’s important is that they made my hand stop hurting :rofl:


I love Woodford! Have you tried their Double Oaked?

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Hahaha they actually aren’t that different! I used to live in the Caribbean, where I was very into seeking out and collecting good local rums. Fast forward 5 years and I live in Central Oregon, where there are no good local rums! So I’m learning about Bourbon now, and having a damn good time in the process :wink:

Btw, thanks for the info on vasovagal syncope! I have fainted before, but never knew exactly why (other than stress), it feels good to have a word to describe it!

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