Contactless payment chip from BioHax International

I was searching more on nfc chip. Came across like these make it possible to do contractless payment chip (ntag216) Always wonder is we can use this here.

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They only have a link to in the page footer because that is their payment processor - when you order online from their page.

Payment is NOT listed as a possibility of their chip.

I came across this product if you translate the language to english. It say it works with several banks even they named the banks. Even you can use your desire led when comes in contact with POS. Check it out.

NFC Payment Implant P1 289,90 € - 489,90 € The NFC implant with payment function 100% Made in Germany Made in Germany Pay with a hand movement at the cash register. Our NFC Payment Implant P1 lights up in your desired colors and is record-breaking with a range of up to 5 cm. The self-configurable LEDs indicate data transfer as soon as a reader or POS system approaches. Thanks to the certified and innovative design, the implant can be bent in the middle of its biocompatible sleeve, greatly simplifying implantation.

I have the translation here.

NFC Payment Implant P1 Description The NFC Payment Implant contains a STMicroelectronics NFC chip with the standardized ISO 14443-4 ISO standard. This was taken by us in a biocompatible silicone sheath and chemically inert, so that it is not affected by the tissue. The implant itself is shipped in a sterile air-tight test tube with disinfectant. The implant is very flexible and can be completely kinked horizontally in the middle, so that during implantation a cut below 10mm is sufficient to push it under the skin. Optionally, an LED can be blocked which reacts as soon as the implant is addressed (continuous illumination) or data transmission occurs (flashing). The implant has a reading range of approx. 5 cm and measures 22x15mm or 22x8mm during implantation.

Available functions - NFC Payment Implant P1 NFC implant scaling scaling You can individually and quickly scale daily and cash limits and determine the maximum number of transactions per day. NFC implant cash Cash Many ATMs are equipped with an NFC reader. This allows the withdrawal of cash at ATMs. Charge NFC Payment Implant Online Top Up You determine how much you load on your implant or is available to you. There are also lightning transfers available. Geo Blocking NFC Payment Implant geoblocking An important tool to block credit card charges from abroad or to release them when traveling. Activate features NFC Payment Implant control You can control all functions by app. This includes the temporary blocking of cash withdrawals and online payments. Sleep Mode NFC Payment Implant Sleep mode You can put the NFC Payment implant into sleep mode at any time and wake it up when needed. Simple decor 1. Register your NFC Payment Implant by simply holding it to your NFC Smartphone. Subsequently, the implant can be managed, charged and blocked in the app. Furthermore, all current transactions are synchronized. Second Since the implant is a fully fledged prepaid credit card, it must first be charged with credit via the app. This is possible via bank transfer or online direct transfers to dispose of the credit immediately. Third The NFC Payment Implant is now ready for use. You can now pay at NFC card terminals, as well as over stationary POS by laying on of hands. The prerequisite is that the terminal is already equipped with the contactless NFC payment system.

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Ahh so the chip inside is provisioned like a prepaid gift card. That makes much more sense. That’s really awesome. Unfortunately it means that implant has the same weakness as the all the other payment implants that have existed thus far, it can be deactivated by the card issuer (bank) at any time, and then you have a useless lump under your skin. After two to five years it will naturally “expire” to prevent fraud.

The only way that I can see for payment implants to avoid being invalidated on the whim of a card issuer is if they can be “tokenized”, like the Apple watch. That way if the bank decides to revoke your implant’s security credentials due to “expiration” or automated “fraud” detection, you can just re-tokenize it using an app. That seems like a big part of the reason VivoKey has been working with Fidesmo. Tokenization.

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I’d still be interested. I wonder if it would work in the USA.

From the webpage ( Translated )

Wonder if I can open a German bank account. Lmao


Talk with @amal
This is the better way:

Also you can’t open a german bank account, if you are a living in an other country.
I life in Austria - I know many people from Germany and I wouldn’t get the payment implant from iamrobot.

IamRobot offers lousy quality. The whole implant looks terrible and needs to be ripped off after four years, when its really grown in. Furthermore, it is not clear, if all the payment entities involved know about the implant. They can easily turn them off…
Amal has been working day and night for more than 2 years to come up with a safe and secure payment implant. An implant that is ideally injectable, worldwide to use and with the acceptance of the global bank and EMVs.
Just wait… quality takes time…


I’m aware. Everything I buy is from DT. That will continue to be the case.

omg we’re getting close guys… so many things happened in the last 6 months…


Your posts are AES level cryptic, as always, swami.


That’s what i like to hear! Hope those pesky banks are playing ball


If it gets stuck again I vote you repeatedly @ Elon Musk on Twitter until he hooks you up with Venmo and PayPal support!

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I don’t see why Elon would help. He’s not that interested in Tesla implant support or making Tesla locks compatible with Java card

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How close is close? :slight_smile: Fidesmo Pay on the Flex One (for those of us who already have it) possible soon?
Or is it better/still possible to send in microcards for conversion?

Everything is shut down for November - February in the payment industry… but we will pick up the ball again soon. Basically we’re approaching the point where issuers are clear to work with us… we just need to reel one in to kick this thing off… and we have a couple on the hook right now.


Hmmmmm, not quite sure, but are there any badge collectors that need this one?